High hopes and high expectations for resourcing feminist movements: recommendations to the Equality Fund

AWID’s report presents how activists themselves define what is needed in this moment and how funders can support feminist realities in all their richness, boldness and diversity.

A strengthened approach to membership

As of today, we are excited to offer our members a more open and flexible way to be part of a worldwide feminist community, and contribute to building collective power across movements, based on principles of global solidarity.

Member Teach-In | Under the Same Umbrella: feminism and sex workers' rights

AWID and the Red Umbrella Fund are organizing a teach-in on feminism and sex work.

Series of conversations: The Feminist Realities journey continues

On the road to the AWID Forum, we are inviting you to take part in a series of curated conversations, designed to spark meaningful dialogue and co-creation, among feminist activists and organizations from all over the world.

20 podcast episodes about Feminist Power in Action

If you're looking for feminist podcast recommendations, we’ve got you covered. AWID staff have curated a list of their favorite podcast episodes that showcase Feminist Power in Action.

Feminist Realities: Examples of Our Power in Action

Feminist Realities are all around us. This short animation explains what we understand as Feminist Realities, with concrete examples of those who are already living and building them!

The ABC's of Movements

A slideshow presentation by Srilatha Batiwala explaining the process of building feminist movements.


Feminist Realities: Our Power in Action | An Exploratory Toolkit

We are excited to offer you a new Feminist Realities Toolkit that provides practical steps and resources to spark creative conversations around the living, breathing examples of the just worlds we are co-creating. It is now time to spotlight inspiring stories.

Co-Creating Fearless Futures: A Feminist Cartographer's Toolkit

Many participants at the 2016 AWID International Forum shared that the plenary session led by the Fearless Collective was one of their most memorable moments - a beautiful testimony to learning from young feminist methodologies.

#PracticeSolidarity: How we build feminist futures

This past year, young feminists from around the world launched a campaign exploring what solidarity means across movements.