Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Activists Challenge Regressions In Croatia

In this section, we invite readers of Facing Fundamentalisms to share a brief summary of recent events relating to religion, tradition, culture and rights-based organizing in your contexts. 

Thank you to Jay Postić, a founding member of Zagreb Pride in Croatia, for this issue's Voices from the Roots submission.

Feminism, motherhood and the struggle for gender equality

“In our struggle for equality, we tend to forget that women are also mothers (if they chose to be). The rights of mothers are also women's rights” says Aleksandra Miletić-Šantić, a lawyer and single mother of three children.

Transitions: Tangarr’s Story

Unlike most transgender people, Tangarr discovered somewhat later in life that his gender identity didn't match his sex assigned at birth. An AWID member since 2016, he told us his story: his relatively happy childhood, his sex change and his work as an activist.

Sex Work Activism in Hungary

AWID institutional member since 2014, SZEXE was established by predominantly street-based Roma sex workers and their allies who joined together to protest the introduction of a law regulating sex work.