In rural Paraguay, women are on the frontlines of a ‘race against time’ to save native seeds

Amid the spread of industrial farming, transgenic crops and seed patents, rural women are conserving native varieties and teaching others about agro-ecology.

Canada 150 and the decriminalization of Indigenous Sex Workers

During #Canada150, Naomi reflects on her 2015 open letter to Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould, calling for the centering of sex workers’ voices and experiences.

Feminist perspectives on the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike

In April, 1,500 Palestinian prisoners launched the largest collective hunger strike in years under the banner of freedom and dignity. AWID interviewed Palestinian feminist activists to learn more about what the hunger strike means to them and what they want feminists around the world to know about the strike.

Decolonial Solidarity in the Fight Against Corporate Power in Morocco

In a world where expropriation and corporate power is the norm, sociologist, filmmaker and Franco-Moroccan activist Soraya El Kahlaoui made a film on the struggle of the Ghich L’Oudaya tribe in Morocco, and the role of women in particular. 

The women behind El Salvador’s historic environmental victory

This article is dedicated to all Salvadoran women who have actively resisted and defended their territories, to all those who continue to resist, and to those who have passed on as a result of their resistance.

Berta Cáceres: A seed that has been multiplied in the rebel struggles

The 3rd of March 2017 will mark a year since Honduran feminist and human rights defender Berta Cáceres was murdered. In memory and celebration of Berta, we inquired what she meant, and still means, in the lives and activism of some of her compañeras. We asked them: What legacy has Berta's struggle, for women's rights and the defense of territory, left for your activism and commitment to social justice?

Behind the murder of Berta Cáceres: corporate complicity

The corporate denial of violation of human rights in the death of Berta Cáceres reveals the web of complicities and impunity that prompted her assassination.

Bertha Cáceres: 'My mother’s is not the first assassination. I don’t want another'

The daughter of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran human rights defender who was murdered this month, has spoken out about the country’s volatility and called on Europe and the US to stop investing in the controversial Agua Zarca dam.

Berta Cáceres – Presente!

AWID strongly condemns the murder of Berta Caceres. We mourn this major loss and stand together with her family and our sisters in Honduras.

Women Lead The Struggle to Defend their Land, Lives and Communities in The Philippines

The Philippines, and more specifically Mindanao, the second largest and southernmost major island, rich in natural resources and minerals, is being plundered by trans- and multi-national companies carrying out extractive operations with impunity for the human rights violations they commit.