The Libyan Youth Movement: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow

AWID recently spoke with Ayat Mneina, co-founder of the Libyan Youth Movement, on the evolving civil war in Libya following the uprising, and subsequent fall of Gaddafi.

Witchcraft Accusations Perpetuate Women's Oppression in Sub-Saharan Africa

FRIDAY FILE - Following the recent announcement by local NGOs that more than 700 women accused of witchcraft had been murdered in Tanzania in a year, AWID spoke with Valerie Yvette Banlog, Founding President of the NGO Femme Action et Développement En Zone CEMAC (FADEC - Women Action and Development in CEMAC Areas) to discuss violence against women accused of witchcraft and the absence of appropriate and effective responses.

Enough! An End to Violence and Aggression in Palestine

AWID strongly condemns Israel’s attacks on civilians in Gaza and calls for an immediate end to aggression by all sides.

23 July 2014

The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) strongly condemns the alarming escalation of violence against the civilians of Gaza since the Israeli Defense Forces launched “Operation Protective Edge” on 7th July 2014, including the recent expansion to a ground invasion, breaking the November 2012 ceasefire.

Feminist Criticism, Occupation and Sexual Harassment (*)

For the past year, Israelis and Palestinians have been participating in a weekly demonstration against the evacuation of Palestinian families from their houses in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Last summer, in the midst of the demonstrations,a feminist debate flared up on the internet following the request of organizers of the "Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement", who asked protesters to come to the demonstrations dressed in a way that respects the values of the Palestinian residents of the neighborhood.

Developing a Global Agenda for Gender Justice

FRIDAY FILE: Gender based violence is a staple of conflict throughout the world. What are some of the key issues and spaces for gender justice advocacy in 2010?

By Kathambi Kinoti

The conflict in Kyrgyzstan – complex and gendered

FRIDAY FILE: Kyrgyzstan – a country in Central Asia – has been wracked recently by an outbreak of violence by some Kyrgyz there against ethnic Uzbeks. AWID analyses the events from a gender perspective.

International Women's Day: Going Strong at 100!

As we celebrate 100 years of International Women's Day on March 8, 2010, we highlight how the day has been marked in the past and how it is being marked this year.

By Kathambi Kinoti

Mexican Code of Military Justice Amended: A victory for WHRDs

FRIDAY FILE - On April 30, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies unanimously passed amendments to the Code of Military Justice, which restricts military jurisdiction in cases where the victims are civilians.

The Military-Industrial Complex: Risks, Semantics and Loopholes

FRIDAY FILE – The world may have an Arms Trade Treaty, but it’s business as usual for the military-industrial complex, and continued mobilization of women’s rights advocates is vital to ensure that this first step towards arms regulation isn’t the last.

By Rochelle Jones

Lack of proper legislature and a constitutional limbo increase risks to Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal

FRIDAY FILE – A decade-long conflict, sluggish peace and reconciliation process and delays in developing a new constitution, leave women human rights defenders in Nepal at great risk.

By Katherine Ronderos