Religion, Culture and Tradition: No Excuse for Violence

This publication highlights agreements that affirm the universal and interconnected nature of human rights. It can be used by human rights advocates to challenge state and non-state actors attempting to block the development, progress and protection of laws at all levels.

Understanding Religious Fundamentalisms for Activists

This manual is for rights activists facing religious fundamentalist opposition to their work. It brings together innovative research, analysis, and the experiences of hundreds of women’s rights activists in diverse regions of the world.

Towards a Future without Fundamentalisms

By presenting a cross-regional, cross-religion synthesis of religious fundamentalist strategies and feminist strategies, this report hopes to enable more effective resistance and challenge to fundamentalisms by women’s rights activists and their allies in other movements.

Facing Fundamentalisms Newsletters

The bi-monthly Facing Fundamentalisms newsletter is featuring updates, analysis and resources from around the world relating to challenging religious fundamentalisms. 

Shared Insights: Women’s rights activists define religious fundamentalisms

This publication presents how women’s rights activists from different parts of the world understand and experience the complex phenomenon of religious fundamentalisms.

Religion, Culture and Tradition: Strengthening Efforts to Eradicate Violence against Women

This resource was created to support the work of rights advocates working in international and regional spaces who are confronting opposition to their efforts using arguments based on religion, culture and tradition.

New Insights on Religious Fundamentalisms: Research Highlights

This brief report presents the highlights of AWID’s research to date on women’s rights activists' understanding and experience of the global rise of religious fundamentalisms. 

Exposed: Ten myths about religious fundamentalisms

This in-depth publication presents the top ten myths common to all regions and religions through the lived experiences of women’s rights activists, and contributes to strengthening resistance and challenges to religious fundamentalisms.

Religious Fundamentalisms on the Rise: A case for action

This publication presents survey responses of more than 1,600 women’s rights activists and their allies, providing a deeper understanding of the way fundamentalist projects work to undermine women’s rights, human rights and development.

Not as simple as ABC: Christian fundamentalisms and HIV and AIDS responses in Africa

This case study explores the agendas, strategies, and influence of Christian fundamentalist actors in HIV and AIDS responses in the African region.