Appeal for letters - solidarity with women wrongly imprisoned in El Salvador

This is a really historic opportunity for meaningful cross-border solidarity: the first case on the criminalization of abortion that comes before the Inter-American Human Rights Court.

We know that anti-rights actors are likely to flood the Court with their own opinions. We hope you'll make your voice heard in support of women's rights.

Haiti needs inclusive feminism that defends all women, including trans women

Much of the feminist movement in Haiti thinks the crisis-torn country isn’t ready for this conversation – but it will make us all better feminists 


Andaiye in Swahili means ‘a daughter comes home’. Born Sandra Williams on 11 September 1942 in Georgetown, Guyana, she changed her name to ‘Andaiye’ in 1970 as the Black Power movements swept her country and the wider Caribbean region. 

Andaiye was seen as a transformative figure on the frontlines of the struggles for liberation and freedom.

Carmen Griffiths

Carmen was the Head of the Construction Resource and Development Collective (CRDC) and was instrumental in supporting women’s involvement in the construction industry in Jamaica.

She also worked on issues of disaster preparedness for rural and urban women. She worked closely with women (especially single mothers) teaching them how to use hurricane straps and other technology to secure their homes. She worked in the area of water and sanitation and was a strong advocate for sustainable environmental management and development.

Yolanda Santana


Sonia Pierre

Myriam Merlet

Magalie Marcelin

Rosalie Eldora Sindi Medar Gould e

Clotil Walcott