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Co-Creating Fearless Futures: A Feminist Cartographer's Toolkit

Many participants at the 2016 AWID International Forum shared that the plenary session led by the Fearless Collective was one of their most memorable moments - a beautiful testimony to learning from young feminist methodologies.

In partnership with the Fearless Collective, AWID is excited to share this toolkit that helps to articulate feminist futures, map existing solutions and narratives that make them irresistible. This toolkit can be for both individual and collective use and includes maps as facilitation tools, cue cards, worksheets, discussion guides and a whole range of exciting resources.

Download the Fearless Futures Toolkit

Written in 3 distinct voices - an artist, a facilitator and movement elders who have come before us:

This resource encourages activists and organizers to suspend beliefs that no longer serve us and our movements, release our fears, and imagine thriving communities and villages of love, justice and democracy.

The elements developed in this toolkit help to shift our ideas and actions into the future. Together with the Fearless Collective we hope that this toolkit will set a foundation for surfacing and envisioning Feminist Futures that will become, not just for some, but all our realities. We invite you to explore, use, and enjoy this cartography.

Have you ever dared to dream and vision Feminist Futures in bold and creative ways?


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