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Feminist Propositions for a Just Economy

AWID, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL), and the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), offers this think piece to challenge mainstream understandings of development and put forward initial propositions for a feminist agenda for development, economic and gender justice.

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The propositions

These propositions are intended to be just that - proposals, to be discussed, debated, added to, taken apart, adapted, adopted, and even to inspire others.

Add your own propositions

Please take a look at the existing propositions for inspiration before submitting your own idea. Someone might already be thinking along the same lines! Send your proposition to

We will review and include new propositions on this webpage as they come.

Our partners

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Thank you to our contributors:

  • Ana Abelenda
  • Hakima Abbas
  • Nebila Abdulmelik
  • Patita Tingoi
  • Radhika Balakrishnan
  • Selamawit Tesfaye