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Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements!

Be inspired by the creative resistance strategies of feminists from all over the world
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A Festival For Feminist Movements

Do you want to be inspired by the creative resistance strategies of feminists from all over the world? Do you want to discover feminist initiatives that show us how we can all live in a more just world? Do you want to learn about models of feminist care and healing to bring to your own community? Is that a resounding yes that we hear? YES!

Then check out Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements. This festival took place virtually throughout the month of September 2021 across all of AWID’s platforms, and now you can experience it on your own time.

The Festival was a multicultural and multilingual experience.

The panelists participated in their preferred language and at AWID we included subtitles on the videos for your accessibility.

Day, jour, día 1 of festival - Sept. 1, 2021 2-5:45pm UTC

Opening Dance Performance

By Pia Love

dancer with angel wings

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Welcome message

Hakima Abbas, AWID

"We're using the tools that we have to share our resistance, strategies and continue to build our power to take action and create new brave and just worlds."

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Plenary session:

The revolution will be feminist—or it won’t be a revolution

Manal Tamimi Palestine
Bubulina Moreno, Colombia
Karolina Więckiewicz, Poland
Anwulika Ngozi Okonjo, Nigeria

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Day, Jour, Día 2 - Sept. 2, 2021
Pansexual, Gynasexual or Abrosexual?
A dive into queerness, pleasure and sex positivity

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Liberated Land & Territories:
A Pan-African Conversation

Luam Kidane, Thousand Currents
Mariama Sonko, Nous Sommes la Solution
Yannia Sofia Garzon Valencia, VigiaAfro
Nomsa Sizani, Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA

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Twitter chat:


HOLAA Africa Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women


Day, jour, día 3 festival - Sept. 3, 2021
Feminist solidarity across borders:
Palestine, Myanmar and beyond

Nino Ugrekhelidze, AWID
Sandie Hanna, With and For Girls Fund
Areen Hawari, Mada alCarmel Arab Research Center
Tin Tin Nyo, Burmese Women’s Union
Nandar, Purple Feminists Group

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Resisting criminalization:
Feminist organizing for Sexual and Reproductive Justice and bodily integrity

Nana Abuelsoud, Resurj
Sibusiso, Resurj
Inas, Resurj
Mari-Claire, Resurj
Oriana, Vecinas Feministas
Andrea Paola Hernandez, Injusta Justicia
Jasmine George, Hidden Pockets

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Instagram Live:

Sex Toys & Disability

Makgosi Letimile

Part 1 Part 2
Day, jour, día 4 festival - Sept. 10, 2021

Storytelling: From the Heart of the Commune

by María Bonita 


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Plenary session:

She is on her way:
Alternatives, feminisms and another world

Felogene Anumo, AWID
Dr. Vandana Shiva, India
Dr. Dilar Dirik, Kurdistan
Nana Akosua Hanson, Ghana

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Caribbean Feminist Spaces, Creative Expressions & Spiritual Practices for Community Transformation

Tonya Haynes, CAISO
Angelique V. Nixon, CAISO

Day, jour, día 5 festival - Sept. 11, 2021
Assembly as Pleasure: Weaving Feminist Collaborative Projects

Ghiwa Sayegh, Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research
J. Daniel Luther 
Jessa Jordan
María Florencia Alcaraz
Nazlee Saif Arbee

Witchcraft, shamanism and other insurgent knowledge against patriarchy

Sofía Blanco Sixtos, Colectiva Feminista MAPAS


Day, jour, día 5 - Sept. 12, 2021
Queering Feminist Imaginaries:
A Workshop for Young Feminists

Nino Ugrekhelidze, AWID
Jorge Davila Akinyi Osanjo

Artivism: a weapon of feminist political resistance in the Haitian context

Pascale Solages, Nègès Mawon
Souzen Joseph, Nègès Mawon
Gaëlle Bien-Aimé, Nègès Mawon

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Pleasure Poetry

by Wana Udobang

Prison Isn’t Feminist:
Exploring the impact and alternatives to reliance on police and incarceration

Chanelle Gallant
Kai Cheng Thom

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Day, jour, día 7 - Sept. 15, 2021

The Elimination of Discrimination Against Sex Workers

Kay Thi Win, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)
Thin Pa Pa Htun, Aye Myanmar Association
Xiao Shuang, Northeast Transgender Support Network
Cathy Ketepa, Friends Frangipani Inc. PNG
Rajeshwari Prajapati, Society for Women Awareness Nepal (SWAN)

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Plenary session:

Organising to Win

Margarita Salas, AWID
Nazik Abylgaziva, Labrys
Amaranta Gómez Regalado, Secretariado Internacional de Pueblos Indígenas frente al VIH/sida, la Sexualidad y los Derechos Humanos
Cindy Weisner, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Lucineia Freitas, Movimento Sem Terra

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"un"Inclusive Feminism:
The voiceless girls in the Haitian feminist movement

Naike Ledan
Semi Kaefra Alisha Fermond, Trans Rights Activist ACIFVH
Natalie Desrosiers
Fédorah Pierre-Louis

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Day, jour, día 8 festival - Sept. 16, 2021
Body Pleasure for Fat Girls 

Amy Lin

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Broadening Pleasure


watch workshop 

#EmptyChairs campaign

Caroline Tagny, Coalition of African Lesbians
Carrie Shelver, Sexual Rights Initiative
Emeline Dupuis, Sexual Rights Initiative
Pooja Badarinath, Sexual Rights Initiative
Pooja Patel, International Service for Human Rights
Antje Schupp

Feminist Realities:
Breathing & Healing Houses for Defenders

Ana María Hernández Cárdenas, Consorcio Oaxaca
Nallely Tello Méndez, Red Nacional de Defensoras de Derechos Humanos en México
Jelena Dordevic Liana Funes, National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Honduras
Rebeca Girón
Tania Lopes Muri, Movimento de Mulheres da Região dos Lagos
Rogéria Peixinho

Fem Movement
Members Dance Party Extravaganza

DJ Cozmic Cat

Day, jour, día 9 festival - Sept. 17, 2021
Unfettered Education:
Fatoumata's Story

Lina Baaziz

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Instagram Live:

Sex Education


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Voices from the frontlines:
Bolstering collective power to end the incarceration of women worldwide

Claudia A. Cardona, Mujeres Libres Colombia
Phyllis Hardy, National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls
Grace Natalia, Womxn’s Voice and Women and Harm Reduction International Network
Mónica Marginet Flinch, Metzineres
Kenya Cuevas, Casa de las Muñecas Tiresias A.C.
Dawn Harrington, Free Hearts

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Movement as Healing,
Healing for Movements

Kimalee Phillip
Luz Stella Uspina Murillo, Fondo Acción Urgente para América Latina y el Caribe
Sara Munarriz-Awad, Fondo Acción Urgente para América Latina y el Caribe
Tai Pelli
Everdith (Evie) Landrau

Emergent feminist leadership:
Lifting as we climb

Deborah A, Black LGBTQ Migrant Project (BLMP)
Anima Adjepong, Silent Majority
Maame Adwoa Marfo, FRIDA
Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Day, jour, día 10 festival
Pleasure Across Borders

Lindiwe Rasekoala
Lizzie Kiama
Jovana Drodevic
Malaka Grant

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Abortion realities:
strategies to fight reproductive injustice

Lindiwe Rasekoala
Lizzie Kiama
Jovana Drodevic
Malaka Grant

Day, jour, día 11, festival
Networking and Solidarity Building Among Young Feminist Organizers

Nino Ugrekhelidze, AWID
Anwulika Ngozi
Okonjo Pooja Singh

Surviving the war on drugs

Ganna Dovbakh, Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA)
Priscila Gadelha, Rede Nacional de Feministas Antiproibicionistas (RENFA)
Veronica Russo, Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Personas que Usan Drogas (LANPUD)
Diana Edem, Heartland Alliance International
Judy Chang, International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD)
Louise Vincent, NC Urban Survivors Union
Aura Roig, Metzineres
Malicia, Live Artist

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Young Climate Feminists Building Radical Futures:
Video Launch and Conversation

Sanam Amin, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
Maggie Mapondera, Womin African Alliance
Maria Alejandra Escalente, FRIDA
Patricia Miranda Wattimena, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
Mara Dolan, WEDO
Andrea Vega Troncoso, WEDO

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Antal: Non-binary Universe

Malicia Sabina, Resistencia No Binarix
Andras Yareth Hernández, Resistencia No Binarix

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Day, jour, día 12, festival
Thank you, I can make my decision

Grace Chang, Taiwan Association for Disability Rights
Angel Hsu, Taiwan Association for Disability Rights
Joyann Peng, Taiwan Association for Disability Rights
Amy Wu, Taiwan Association for Disability Rights

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Feminist learnings on digital security in times of socio political and sanitary crisis

Paul Nail Ojeda
Paola Moss

The current state of forests:
what’s the issue and why is it so important?

Camila Romero, VientoSur
Kanta Marathe, Navrachna Samaj Sevi Sansthan
Jeanette Sequeira, Global Forest Coalition

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Jessica Whitbread, AWID

Day, jour, día 13 festival
Supporting the self-managed:
abortion doulas, acompanantes and radical networks of support

Aditi Pinto, Inroads
Daniela Tellez Del Valle, Di RAMONA
Sandra Cardona, Necesito Abortar México
Mickreen Adhiambo, Aunty Jane Hotline and MAMA Network
Zachi Brewster, Dopo Abortion Support
Ika Ayi, Samsara

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Young Feminist Skill-Share:
How to Fund Your Idea

Nino Ugrekhelidze, AWID
Cassie Denbow
Nida Mushtaq

"Yo Imposible"
Watch Party & Discussion with Latin American Filmmakers from AWID's Feminist Film Club

Alejandra Laprea
Patricia Ortega
Alejandra Henriquez
Maria Torrellas
Carolina Reynoso
Camila Rodó
Micol Mtzener
Giovana Garcia

Day, jour, día 14 festival

The Crear, Résister, Transform Story

Coumba Toure

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Closing Remarks: Where do we go to from here?

Cindy Clark, AWID

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Fem Joy: Closing Party

DJ Miss Ray
DJ Luana Flores
Phoenix Inana

Festival Art!

Featuring artwork by Upasana Agarwal, Ika Vantiani, & Naadira Patel.

Click on the images to enlarge

By artist Upasana Agarwal


Illustrated portrait of Anima Adjepong saying I learn queer as practice, as in the service of freedom… Queer disrupts the normative order we live in, in order to create something else, it is about leadership beyond the individual
Illustrated portrait of Anwulika Okonjo that says: Feminists are World Builders
Portrait of Dilar Dirik saying: “We need to make sure that feminism is a threat to the system”  "We no longer need to just be in solidarity with each other, we need new platforms of common struggles"
Illustrated portrait of Makgosi Letimile saying: Sex toys should not be a luxury. They should be accessible and affordable
Illustrated portrait of Manal Tamimi that says: “You are the fire that keeps everyone warm"
Illustrated portrait of Nana Akosua Hanson that says: "Art allows us to create an alternate reality"
Illustrated portrait of Nomsa Sizani, over a white and turquise background, that says: “When we occupy this land, it is another way of condemning this capitalist system”  “If we don’t so, nobody will liberate ourselves”
Illustrated portrait of Sandie Hanna that says: “Solidarity is a mechanism of survival”  “We need to keep going because continuity is vital in our causes for liberation”
Illustrated portrait of Doctor Vandana Shiva that says: “The panel today is a beautiful awakening of the world that is possible”
Illustrated portrait of Yannia S. Garzón that says: “Recovering the dignity of being a black woman is what keeps me alive”
Illustrated portrait of Dr. Angelique V. Nixon that says: “Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you are.”
 Patricia Wattimena : I want a future where economies work for the women and not women working the economy

By artist Ika Vantiani

Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Collage of Mariama Sonko
Collage of Nomsa Sizani
Artistic collage featuring Yania Sofia

By artist Naadira Patel 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Illustration of several women of color with text that says: Moving from Transactional to Transformative
Illustration of three hand outstretched. Two are spilling seeds into the other. In the center there is planet Earth and a woman walking over plants. The text reads "To defy capitalism we occupy land acting as custodians of diversity"

Festival Film Club: Leitis in Waiting & Latin/Central American Program

In this selection of films you will find the voices of filmmakers who are not content with simply recording the feminist realities that palpitate in every corner of this vast and diverse territory. These are works that from their very conceptualization are questioning for what, by whom, and how films and videos are made. They understand film to be an instrument of struggle, something more than images to be enjoyed on a screen. These are individual or collective filmmakers who see film and video making as an instrument to promote discussion, open a debate, and thus serve as a resource for popular and feminist pedagogies.

Download our zoom background & printable postcard!

by Ellena Ekarahendy. 

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