Feminist dances with power: AWID’s Leadership Transition 2015–2016

At the start of 2017,  Lydia Alpízar Durán stepped down as AWID’s Executive Director, after 10 years of passionate leadership,and Cindy Clark and Hakima Abbas became the organization’s first co-Executive Directors.

Transitional Justice

The Transitional Justice category examines different case studies showcasing the impact of addressing injustice on the degree to which women’s rights were achieved in various democratization processes. Women have often been referred to as “weapons of war” in all kinds of conflicts across and within borders, in different cultures, times and regions. Mechanisms used to bring those crimes committed before, during, and after conflicts and wars to justice are critical for laying the foundation for the new democracies.

The Transitions to Democracy

The Transitions to Democracy category mirrors the title of the mapping by including pieces that provide a more general historic geopolitical overview of specific countries or situations in transition from a broad cross-cutting perspective, thus setting a contextual tone for more specific categories of resources.

Religious Fundamentalisms on the Rise: A case for action

This publication presents survey responses of more than 1,600 women’s rights activists and their allies, providing a deeper understanding of the way fundamentalist projects work to undermine women’s rights, human rights and development.

Changing their World: Concepts and practices of women’s movements

This compilation of case studies highlights the origins, structures, strategies, and impacts of various women's movements around the world.

Not as simple as ABC: Christian fundamentalisms and HIV and AIDS responses in Africa

This case study explores the agendas, strategies, and influence of Christian fundamentalist actors in HIV and AIDS responses in the African region.

Feminists on the Frontline: Case Studies of Resisting and Challenging Fundamentalisms

This collection of case studies is a testament to the women and men around the world who have stood up to reject the imposition of norms and values in the name of religion as well as to expose and challenge the privileged position given to religion in public policies. 

Funding to fight HIV/AIDS through the promotion of women's rights: A case study from South Africa

This report presents the results from the AWID 2008 global survey of donors and women’s rights activists in relation to the funding sources, the conditionalities, and amounts given to women’s organisations to address HIV and AIDS.