20 podcast episodes about Feminist Power in Action

If you're looking for feminist podcast recommendations, we’ve got you covered. AWID staff have curated a list of their favorite podcast episodes that showcase Feminist Power in Action.

Feminist Realities: Interviews with AWID's Board

Margo Okazawa-Rey:

"Language translation and language interpretation are political works!"

Meet our Board member Margo as she shares her experience as a trans-national feminist addressing military violence against women in Palestine, East Asia and the US. She tells us about how access to language and translation is a concrete example on what #FeministRealities can look like.

Feminist Realities: Examples of Our Power in Action

Feminist Realities are all around us. This short animation explains what we understand as Feminist Realities, with concrete examples of those who are already living and building them!

The Feminist Realities Workshop - Recording

On October 30, 2019, AWID held an interactive conversation which explored the Feminist Realities concept, how to identify and amplify examples of Feminist Realities, and how the framework can be applied to activism.

AWID Audio: Listen to your favourite feminist essays

Your favourite AWID essays are now available in audio format! Original texts authored by feminists from around the world are interpreted in English, French and Spanish. 

Feminist Realities exist: Join us to co-create, amplify and share

On 21 August 2018, the AWID team held a live discussion to share our vision for Co-creating Feminist Realities, the framework guiding our work from 2018-2022.

Building solidarity between feminist movements and women resisting the war on drugs

AWID worked closely with communities of women who use drugs to build solidarity, learn from, support and engage with each other. We have documented our experience in this report.

Feminist dances with power: AWID’s Leadership Transition 2015–2016

At the start of 2017,  Lydia Alpízar Durán stepped down as AWID’s Executive Director, after 10 years of passionate leadership,and Cindy Clark and Hakima Abbas became the organization’s first co-Executive Directors.

Postponing the 14th AWID International Forum

Given the current state of the COVID 19 pandemic, our Board of Directors has decided to postpone the 14th AWID International Forum to September 20-23, 2021. The location of the Forum remains Taipei, Taiwan.

Autonomous resourcing: the engine room of feminist work amid a global pandemic

Feminists have mobilized on a massive scale to generate our own autonomous resources for daily acts of solidarity and survival and to respond politically, collectively, and powerfully to this moment. Many of these actions are coming from within communities and movements in some of the hardest hit and less privileged places, and especially amongst Black, LBTQI+, disability, migrant, land & labour movements. Some of the responses are localised, while others are global.