OURs Report 2021

Rights at Risk: Time for Action

AWID’s Wiki on Monitoring and Evaluation

The aim of this Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Compendium in wiki format is to gain deeper insight into how different M&E frameworks, approaches, and tools have been used and adapted by women’s organizations to capture the complexity of changes in women’s rights and gender equality work. 

To that end, we provide a brief overview and critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of some of the leading M&E frameworks, approaches, and tools.

Women Moving Mountains: PowerPoint Presentation

This “Women Moving Mountains” Powerpoint presents AWID’s preliminary assessment of the global impact of the MDG3 Fund.

E-learning Session - Changing their World: Concepts and Practices of Women's Movements

This e-learning session is based on Changing Their World, a compilation of case studies that highlight the origins, structures, strategies, and impacts of various women's movements around the world.

2016 AWID Forum - Evaluation Report

The AWID International Forum brings together feminist and women’s rights leaders and activists from diverse movements, development practitioners, and donors from around the world. This global convening consistently proves to be a critical space to collectively energize and shape the analyses, agendas and alliances that drive strategies to make gender justice and human rights lived realities.

Capturing Change in Women’s Realities

This document provides a critique of current monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and approaches as experienced by women’s organizations and movements worldwide along with an analysis of a large number of M&E frameworks and tools.

Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation: 13 Insights for Women's Organizations

This publication presents thirteen key insights into how women’s rights organizations and movements can strengthen capacity to track and assess the contribution of their organizations and interventions.

Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for Women’s Rights: 12 Insights for Donors

These twelve insights into how to develop more effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems are important for those engaged in women’s rights and empowerment work at the grassroots, national, regional, and global level.

Changing their World: Concepts and practices of women’s movements

This compilation of case studies highlights the origins, structures, strategies, and impacts of various women's movements around the world.

Webinar Highlights: #RightsAtRisk, the state of anti-rights organizing and our resistance

On Wednesday 15th November 2017, AWID as part of the Observatory on the Universality at Rights (OURs), hosted a webinar to discuss the state of anti-rights organizing and our collective resistance, based on the findings of Rights At Risk: The OURs Trends Report 2017.