Peni Moore

Peni was a radical feminist philosopher, poet, writer, playwright and songwriter.

Mridula Prasad

Mridula was a strong advocate for the advancement for women’s health at a time when the topic of women’s sexual and reproductive health were considered taboo in Fiji.

The initial works of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement about sexual and reproductive rights were under her guidance, and in September 1999, the United Nations Population Fund presented her with a regional award for Reproductive Health and Rights. Mridula was a strong, dedicated and tireless campaigner who was passionate about women’s health and empowerment.

Teresia Teaiwa

Described by the Guardian as one of Kiribati’s national icons, Teresia was a fearless advocate who worked closely with feminist groups in Fiji.

She used her research to address the issues of feminism and gender in the Pacific, as well as being co-editor of the International feminist Journal of Politics. Her influence spanned the academic frontier as well as social justice movements in the Oceania region.


Annaliza Dinopol Gallardo Capinpin

Known as “Ate Liza,” Annaliza was the president of the Agrarian Reform Council for Mindanao Pioneers, an umbrella group in Tacurong City, Philippines.

A loved mother of four, teacher and community leader, Annaliza is remembered by her community as “she who leads when no one wants to lead, she who talks when no one wants to talk, she who stood with courage to help the agrarian reform beneficiaries to own lands.”

Rosalyn Albaniel Evara

Fiona Richardson

Elenoa Lavetiviti

Rachel Bhagwan

Losana McGowan

Helen Rumbali