In North-eastern Nigeria Attacks and Abductions Have Become a Way of Life

FRIDAY FILE: The recent abduction of hundreds of school girls from their school hostel in Chibok, Borno in north-eastern Nigeria is not an isolated incident, but rather has become a way of life for communities in three north-eastern states in Nigeria.

Women and Sports: Levelling the Playing Field?

FRIDAY FILE - The 2012 London Olympics was a remarkable moment for women in sports, chronicling the achievements of female athletes, while highlighting their continued struggle against sexism and stereotypes.

Maria Bobenrieth, Executive Director of Women Win, an organisation that uses sports as a tool to advance women’s rights globally, spoke to AWID about what women’s participation in the London Olympics and sports in general means for women’s rights and development.

By Amanda Shaw

International Day of the Girl-Child

FRIDAY FILE: This October 11, United Nation Member States, international organisations, and civil society celebrated the very first International Day of the Girl Child.

Argentina: For the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion

Since 2005 feminist and women’s movements in Argentina have been working tirelessly to articulate and promote the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. AWID spoke to Claudia Anzorena, a sociologist and activist, about the Campaign and its goals and achievements.

By Gabriela De Cicco

After Decades of Struggle, Domestic Worker Rights Get International Protection

FRIDAY FILE: On June 16, 2011 the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) 100th Annual Conference adopted the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers which requires governments to protect the human and labour rights of domestic workers and defines minimum standards for decent working conditions.

By Kathambi Kinoti

Indigenous Women: The importance of sharing, learning and growing as leaders

FRIDAY FILE: From March 5-8, 2011, the 6th Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ECMIA in Spanish) took place in the Hueyapan Community, in Morelos, Mexico. AWID spoke to two of the participants, Cecilia Velasque and Tania Pariona Tarqui, about the event and their insights on the status of indigenous women’s rights in the region.

By Gabriela De Cicco

The importance of sharing, learning and growing as leaders

Female genital mutilation and cosmetic genital surgery: Do they have anything in common?

FRIDAY FILE: At first glance, female genital mutilation and genital surgery carried out for cosmetic purposes might seem intrinsically different. On closer examination, however, they may be more similar than they initially appear.

By Kathambi Kinoti