My Journey to Haiti: Reflections on Younger Women’s Contributions to the Movement

Earlier this month, I traveled to Port-au-Prince as a part of a Global Fund for Women (GFW) delegation to learn about the current situation of women in Haiti and to learn how we can best support women’s roles in decision-making throughout the reconstruction process

Strong concerns on 'Protection of the family' resolution at HRC 35

AWID and partners express our strong concerns about the draft resolution on the protection of the family. We are concerned that the resolution attempts to instrumentalize older persons and their rights.

Organizing for our rights: A domestic worker in the Middle East speaks

At a time when the experiences and demands of domestic workers are often narrated by others, Beirut-based, Filipina domestic worker Ursula Cruz tells her own story.

World Bank must push for greater transparency in PPP projects

Public Private Partnerships are not transparent enough, and face criticism from civil society organisations and others for being too expensive, and a risky use of taxpayers’ money. On Monday 29 February more than 50 CSOs have written to the World Bank Group asking the institution to push for more financial transparency around PPPs.

Combatting illicit financial flows: Why we need a gender lens

The fact that between USD 500 and 800 billion are drained each year from developing countries to the global North through illicit financial flows (IFFs) points to a profound global governance crisis and systemic inequality. It is also a question of gender justice.

Presidential Elections: Claiming the right of all women to political decision-making and leadership in Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea

With upcoming presidential elections in West African country’s Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire this month, AWID spoke with Afiwa Mata Ahouadjogbe, Vice-President of the Association des Femmes Journalistes de Guinée (Guinean Association of Women Journalists, AFJ-Guinea) and Georgette Zamble, President of Leadafricaines, to learn more about the challenges related to women’s decision-making and leadership, particularly for rural women, and the actions taken to overcome these challenges in both West African countries.  

Securing a just and sustainable world means challenging the power of the 1%

A joint call from the leaders of ActionAid, AWID, Civicus, Greenpeace and Oxfam on the eve of the World Social Forum in Tunis

El Salvador: Guadalupe’s Pardon a Victory, But Still a Long Road Ahead

FRIDAY FILES: On February 18 Guadalupe Vázquez[1], one of at least 17 women unjustly imprisoned for allegedly having an abortion, was released from prison after being granted a pardon by El Salvador's Legislative Assembly.

By Gabby De Cicco

Witchcraft Accusations Perpetuate Women's Oppression in Sub-Saharan Africa

FRIDAY FILE - Following the recent announcement by local NGOs that more than 700 women accused of witchcraft had been murdered in Tanzania in a year, AWID spoke with Valerie Yvette Banlog, Founding President of the NGO Femme Action et Développement En Zone CEMAC (FADEC - Women Action and Development in CEMAC Areas) to discuss violence against women accused of witchcraft and the absence of appropriate and effective responses.

A Gendered Lens on the Current Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

FRIDAY FILE - The latest World Health Organization's (WHO) Ebola situation report estimates the death toll in the current Ebola virus epidemic at nearly 9,400 with close to 23,300 people infected[1], AWID spoke to Liberian activists to learn more about the impact of the epidemic on women and girls in the region.