Women’s land rights activists' footprints: fighting erasure, defending communal land rights.

Throughout history against oppression, those on the frontline always know that the struggle might take their lives. For a body that persistently refuses to be invisibilized, refuses to be at the very least passive in the face of oppression, is stolen, just like the land. 

"Tengo la palabra" (We have the voice): Resistance in Honduras

Almost ten years after the coup d’état in Honduras, protesters and women human rights defenders (WHRDs) continue to face reprisals for denouncing a questionable election process, we are proud to premier «We have the Voice (2018)», a short documentary about the resistance in Honduras.

Why New Technology is a Women's Rights Issue

This primer will explore the complex ways new technologies affect women’s rights and their place in a global agenda for gender justice.

Gender Equality and New Technologies: Agricultural Biotechnology

This fact sheet highlights the importance of agricultural biotechnology for gender equality and development, focusing on genetic modification.

Feminist Perspectives towards Transforming Economic Power: Agroecology

This publication examines the relationship between agroecology and feminism and shows agroecology to be an essential tool that can advance the empowerment of rural women.

Feminist Perspectives towards Transforming Economic Power: Food Sovereignty

This publication presents an analysis of the current debates about food sovereignty from a gender perspective, in which the international and Latin American peasant women movement have played a central role.

Feminist Perspectives Towards Transforming Economic Power: Buen Vivir

This article introduces Buen Vivir both as a gender neutral concept and examines its implementation in public policies in Bolivia.

Feminist Realities: a life-force that sprouts against all the odds

People and groups all over the world are evolving feminist ideas and practices to put the power of our movements into action.


Reclaiming Indigenous land, bodies and joy

From self-governance to soccer tournaments, Zapatista women show how another world is possible at the first international gathering of women in struggle.

Accountability is needed for violations against indigenous women defenders

Feminists support the Special Rapporteur's call for justice on the attacks on and criminalization of indigenous peoples defending their rights.