Marielle Franco

Marielle was a Brazilian politician, feminist, lesbian and human rights activist.

Marielle was an outspoken critic of police brutality and extrajudicial killings. Her openly feminist, Black and favela-centered politics were a source of hope for marginalized groups in Rio de Janeiro, currently governed by a conservative city government and an evangelical mayor.

Guadalupe Campanur Tapia

Guadalupe was an environmental activist involved in the fight against crime in Cherán, Mexico.

Guadalupe helped to overthrow the local government in April 2011 and participated in local security patrols including those in municipal forests.  She was among the Indigenous leaders of Cherán, who called on people to defend their forests against illegal and merciless logging. Her work for seniors, children, and workers made her an icon in her community.

She was killed in Chilchota, Mexico about 30 kilometers north of her hometown of Cherá.


María Verónica Reina

María was recognized globally for her extraordinary leadership in the disability community.

She represented the International Disability and Development Consortium during the negotiation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2001-2006).

Her work was devoted to the implementation of the goal of the Convention - realization of universal human rights by, for and with persons with disabilities for an inclusive, accessible and sustainable world.

Luz Yeni Montaño

Marta Vásquez

Maria da Lurdes Fernandes Silva

Kátia Martins

María Fabiola Jiménez de Cifuentes

Estela Ambrosio Luna

Leidiane Drosdoski Machado