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What happened at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council?

Keeping an eye on anti-rights actors at the Human Rights Council

Anti-rights mobilization at the international level constitutes a response to significant feminist and progressive organizing.

Get to know more about their tactics and discourses worldwide.

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Main resolutions and organizations to follow at the 38th session

"We’re looking at an attack on the human rights system, and all of these fundamentalisms are coming together to try to weaken the fabric of multilateralism, and that’s happening in large part at the expense of marginalized groups of people. It’s happening at the expense of women, and it’s happening through tactics that are often about gender and sexuality."

Cynthia Rothschild

Independent human rights expert, OURs member

"We’ve experienced a lot of pushback from different states, from different civil society actors, from private corporations and large donors who are funding the activities of these anti-rights actors."

Meghan Doherty

Director of Global Policy and Advocacy with Action Canada

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Zhan Chiam

ILGA's Gender Identity and Gender Expression Senior Programme Officer

Paola Salwan Daher

Global Advocacy Adviser at the Center for Reproductive Rights