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Who can fund my women’s rights organizing?

Identify potential funders for your work!

Women’s rights and feminist organizations are sparking powerful changes across the world, yet AWID’s Where is the Money for Women’s Rights (WITM) research consistently shows that women’s rights organizing is significantly underfunded.

This donor list is one tool to bridge the information gap on funding sources and make it easier for women’s rights and feminist organizations to find potentially aligned funders that support their priorities, populations or locations.

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Select options in any or all of the dropdown menus. You may only select a country or a region, not both. Information for each funder is pulled from publicly available information on funder websites.

When considering applying to a funder, please visit their website or contact the donor to verify eligibility requirements.

This is a dynamic tool that will be updated regularly. If you have feedback, additional funders to add to this list or questions on this tool, please contact

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NameAboutContactTypeSectorPrioritiesMust be registered to apply for fundingApplication Process
Canada - Foreign Affairs, Trade & DevelopmentThe mandate of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada is to manage Canada's diplomatic and consular relations, to encourage the country's international trade and to lead Canada's international development and humanitarian assistanceProjectBilateral/MultilateralFood Security, Youth, Sustainable Development, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, Environment, Conservation, Gender Equality, GovernanceYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
Emerging Markets Foundation (EMpower)Founded in 2000 by financial professionals from the EM community who wanted to give back to the countries where they did business, EMpower makes grants to local organizations working to improve conditions in their communities. EMpower UK was formed in 2007 when a group of London-based EM professionals wanted to add their resources and energy to the work being done by EMpower US. Recently, EMpower has incorporated in Hong Kong and is in the process of forming an Underwriting Group and a Board.All staff contacts listed on websiteFlexiblePublic FoundationYouth, Girls, Young WomenYesInvite Only
European Commission - European Social FundThe ESF is Europe's main instrument for supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens. It works by investing in Europe's human capital – its workers, its young people and all those seeking a job. ESF financing of EUR 10 billion a year is improving job prospects for millions of Europeans, in particular those who find it difficult to get work. ESF operates in the EU only, through programs run by Member States and regions.Must email each program seperately (see website)ProjectBilateral/MultilateralEmployment, Gender Equality, Social Inclusion & Social Protection, Disabilities, Social Enterprise, YouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
European Commission EasI PROGRESSThe PROGRESS axis of EaSI helps the EU and its countries to modernise employment and social policies. PROGRESS's ultimate objective is to help achieve the goals of the Europe 2020 StrategyMust email through their websiteBilateral/MultilateralEmployment, Youth, Social Inclusion & Social Protection, Gender Equality, Labour Rights, Minorities, Poverty Alleviation, Working ConditionsYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe)To make the voice of youth heard at a top decision making level managed by both youth non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and government representatives,who decide and monitor the CoE Youth programme to support European non-governmental youth organisations and networks to promote peace, understanding and respecteyf@coe.intBilateral/MultilateralYouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
FRIDA | The Young Feminist FundFRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas. The Fund is a collaborative effort between the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), The Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres/Central American Women's Fund (FCAM) and an experienced group of young feminist activists from different regions of the world. The Fund`'s Theory of change derives from the core belief that women's movements are strengthened when young feminist activists and their organizations are provided with the resources and capacity they need to mobilize resources for their work. Supporting young feminists is key to the expansion, rejuvenation and sustainability of women's movements and organizations, both now and in the future." proposals@youngfeministfund.orgFlexibleWomen's FundWomen's Human Rights, YouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
Funders Collaborative on Youth FundingCultivate resources for young people taking action to build healthy and equitable communities. We bridge funders and organizers to support youth organizing and its commitment to systemic change and social only
German Marshall Fund - Balkan Trust for DemocracySupports a wide range of innovative and creative forms of public outreach, cross-border and regional exchanges, and inter-community dialogue. Preference will be given to those proposals designed to increase citizen engagement with government; have an impact on public policy; strengthen leadership skills of individuals and organizations; facilitate cross-border and/or cross-sector cooperation; and allow for the transfer of experience and innovative ideas through a clear communication and dissemination Engagement, Youth, Government Accountability & Transparency, Philanthropy, Euro-Atlantic Integration, Dialogue & ReconciliationNoOpen Application: New applicants send email (3 paragraphs max) to
Hill Snowdon FoundationThe new focus for its grantmaking was grounded in a philosophy of justice and fairness for some of the most vulnerable members of this society, low-income families – particularly low-income, youth of color and low-wage workers. Specifically, HSF chose to focus on Youth Organizing and Economic Justice Organizing. FlexiblePrivate FoundationYouth, Economic Justice, Local Community ProjectsYesContact Organization
HIV Young Leaders FundHYLF's theory of change is that providing a youth-led HIV initiative with a small grant empowers young people to address the needs of their peers. As they manage and implement the funded work, young people and their organizations develop leadership skills and become visible within their community's HIV response. These new advocates can then take their insights and knowledge to policymakers, governments and others to advocate for a more effective HIV ProjectPublic FoundationYouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)IREX promotes positive lasting change globally. We enable local individuals and institutions to build key elements of a vibrant society: quality education, independent media, and strong communities. To strengthen these sectors, our program activities also include conflict resolution, technology for development, gender and youth.irex@irex.orgProjectINGOTechnology, Civil Society, Conflict Resolution, Education, Women & Girls, Media, YouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
Middle East Partnership Initiative of US State DepartmentThe U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the State Department offers assistance, training, and support to groups and individuals striving to create positive change in the society. MEPI works in 18 countries and territories, partnering with civil society organizations (CSOs), community leaders, youth and women activists, and private sector groups to advance their reform efforts. MEPI's approach is bottom-up and grassroots, responding directly to local interests and needs. Contact form available on websiteBilateral/MultilateralDemocracy, Women's Empowerment, Youth, Economic DevelopmentYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
Peace DirectPeace Direct is an award-winning, international NGO that finds, funds and amplifies the voice of local peace builders operating in some of the most challenging conflict environments worldwide. We have affiliate offices in the United Kingdom and United States; 8 partner programs in 7 countries; and correspondents in 29 countries reporting through Insight on Living Under Occupation/Conflict/War, Women Living in Post-Conflict, YouthNoContact organization
Schooner FoundationThe Schooner Foundation is a progressive family foundation focused internationally on human rights, peace & security, women & girls and economic opportunity issues. Domestically, the Foundation supports progressive media, campaign finance reform, the green economy, investigative reporting and judicial reform. They seek to honor human dignity and to act where they see the greatest need and opportunities to leverage their funds domestically and globally. They engage with a number of the organizations they partner with, providing guidance, becoming advocates on the issue and introducing the organization to other donors and decision-makers as well as encouraging collaboration among their FoundationHuman Rights, Women's Human Rights, Youth, DevelopmentNo
Spark Spark is a philanthropic network of young professionals who invest to improve the lives of women around the world. We crowd-source grants, pro bono professional services and connections for investment in grassroots women's organizations. We work locally and globally, educating and training the next generation of philanthropists.Programs@sparksf.orgFlexibleCrowdfundingYouth, Education, Economic Development, LeadershipYesContact organization
Stefan Batory FoundationThe Stefan Batory Foundation is an independent private Polish foundation established in 1988 by George Soros, an American financier and philanthropist, and a group of Polish democratic opposition leaders of 1980s. The mission of the Batory Foundation is to build an open, democratic society - a society of people aware of their rights and responsibilities, who are actively involved in the life of their local community, country and international society. The Foundation also hosts Donor Advised Funds for different issue areas in FoundationCivic Engagement, Disabilities, Youth, Children & Youth, Cross Border CooperationYesOpen Application
The Atlantic PhilanthropiesFor more than 30 years, Atlantic has made grants to advance opportunity and lasting change for those who are unfairly disadvantaged or vulnerable to life's circumstances.Contact form available on websiteProjectPrivate FoundationElderly, Youth, Health, Human RightsNoInvite Only
The Central America & Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund)This new fund is a vehicle for donors and others to support work in Central America and Mexico that is led by youth, for the benefit of youth. Young people have the innovative ideas, the energy, and the passion necessary to improve their own lives. What they need is a catalyst to bring all their ideas to fruition.camyfund@seaif.orgProjectPublic FoundationYouthYesMonitor funder website for proposal calls
The David and Lucile Packard FoundationWe are a family foundation guided by the enduring business philosophy and personal values of Lucile and David, whose innovative approach to management helped transform a small electronics shop in their garage into one of the world's leading technology companies. Their approach to business and community participation guides our philanthropy: We invest in leaders and institutions, collaborate with them to identify the most effective solutions, and give them freedom and support to best reach their goals.inquiries@packard.orgProjectPrivate FoundationEnvironment, Conservation, Education, Sexual & Reproductive Rights, Youth, PhilanthropyYesOpen Application
The How FundThe Rabsey/Berkowitz family gives internationally through the HOW Fund, and through grants it makes directly. The impetus behind the family's giving grew from their two summers of volunteer work in Africa. As a result of these experiences the Rabsey/Berkowitz family believes that empowering women and girls and addressing the needs of vulnerable children are the key to healthy, productive families and communities.sasha@howfund.orgFlexiblePrivate FoundationWomen's Human Rights, Youth, Health, EducationNoInvite Only
The Pollination ProjectThe Pollination Project seeks to unleash GOODNESS and expand COMPASSION all over the world. We make daily seed grants to inspiring social change-makers who are committed to a world that works for all. Through a global network of grantees and community partners, we identify extraordinary grassroots leaders who would not likely qualify for funding from other foundations or institutions. Once they have the backing of The Pollination Project, grantees often leverage their grant into more funding, building their team, media attention and more.Contact form available on websiteFlexiblePublic FoundationSeed Funding, Youth, Environment, Conservation, Social Justice, Health & Wellness, Arts & CultureYesOpen Application
Third Wave FundThird Wave Fund is the only national fund that supports and strengthens youth-led gender justice activism focusing on efforts that advance the political power, well-being, and self determination of communities of color and low-income communities in the US. We partner with institutions and individual donors to invest resources in under-funded regions and social justice youth FoundationYouth, Gender Justice, Health, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, LGBTQI RightsYesContact organization
UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and every young person's potential is fulfilled. UNFPA expands the possibilities for women and young people to lead healthy and productive lives. Since UNFPA started working in 1969, the number – and rate – of women dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth has been halved. Families are smaller and healthier. Young people are more connected and empowered than ever before.Contact form available on websiteFlexibleBilateral/MultilateralWomen's Human Rights, Sexual & Reproductive Rights, Human Rights, YouthNo
Unbound PhilanthropyUnbound Philanthropy is a private grantmaking foundation that works to ensure that migrants and refugees are treated with respect and engage with their new communities. We support pragmatic, innovative, and responsive approaches to immigration and immigrant integration in the United States and United Kingdom.Mail@unboundphilanthropy.orgFlexiblePrivate FoundationHuman Rights, Youth, Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement, Social DevelopmentYesInvite Only
Women's Fund in GeorgiaMission of Women's Fund in Georgia is empowering women in Georgia for protection of their rights, full self-realization and participation in societys' life through providing financial and technical support, capacity building and development of feminist philanthropy. FlexibleWomen's FundSocial Change, Women's Human Rights, YouthYesOpen Application