Call for Activities | Closing Date: February 1st, 2024

15th AWID International Forum (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Call for Activities is Live!

The Deadline to submit activities has been extended to February 1st, 2024


In the spirit of the Forum’s theme, we invite a diversity of activity topics and formats that:

  • Facilitate genuine connection and interaction among participants
  • Foster healing and regeneration in various forms, as individuals, as communities and as movements
  • Inspire and challenge us to thrive together as communities and movements


We welcome applications across the full range of thematic areas and intersections important to feminist and gender justice movements. In the application form, you will be able to mark more than one theme that fits your activity.

  • Free Bodies, Free Spirits: all things bodily autonomy, gender and sexuality, reproductive health and rights, freedom from gender-based violence, freedom to live in safety, pleasure and joy in our diverse bodies, identities and communities, and much, much more.
  • Resisting Anti-Rights: locally and globally, feminists are leading the way in resisting all forms of intersectional oppressions, including fascisms, fundamentalisms, and authoritarian regimes; we have a lot to share and strategize with each other about.
  • Movements and Organizing: let us get to know each other’s movements. From navigation of power (internal and external) to protection strategies in the face of the repression of women and gender-diverse human rights defenders, from alliance-building to creative and successful forms of organizing, let’s learn and be inspired by each other.
  • Economic Justice and Feminist Economies: this theme encompasses all feminist efforts to transform our economies, from challenging dominant extractive models and defending labor rights to embodying and living feminist economic practices and alternatives in everyday life.
  • Funding/Resourcing Activism: securing much-needed funding is a shared challenge for movements across the world; let us together unpack the feminist funding ecosystem, from critical analysis to first-hand experiences and practical ways to fund feminist work.
  • Climate, Environmental Justice, Land and Water: ecological and climate justice has deep roots in many of our movements and communities; from ancient traditions to futuristic visions, from ecology villages to campaigns to end extractivism and health justice, we invite a full scope of activities on all aspects of climate and environmental justice.
  • Militarization, War and Conflict: we aim to spotlight feminist organizing, analysis and experiences often on the frontline of crisis response and helping to sustain life, community and justice in the harshest times of war and protracted conflict.
  • Decolonization: decolonization is central to each and every one of our themes, yet it also stands on its own, as a key feminist agenda of resistance and world-building in many colonial and post-colonial realities.
  • Digital Realities and Feminist Tech: we welcome an opportunity to celebrate the incredible feminist initiatives that transform digital worlds, challenge big tech power structures, and democratize technology as truly by and for the people.
  • Healing Justice: there is an incredible diversity of approaches to collective care and healing justice. Worldwide, healers and movements are reclaiming healing justice as a political principle, a set of practices, a learning journey, a way of life, and much more.
  • Add your theme here!

Suggested Activity Formats


Panel: In Panel discussions, explore an issue or challenge from different perspectives, or share a learning or experience, followed by audience questions if time allows.

Talk Show: Have a more spontaneous conversation in Talk-Show style. Talk Shows can be a conversation among several people, facilitated by a talk-show host. Audience questions can determine the conversation’s direction.

Discussion: These can take the form of world cafes, fishbowls, and other methodologies that facilitate participants’ active involvement in conversations. Highly participatory.

Workshop: Interactive sessions that invite participants to build new skills in any and all areas of life and activism.

Strategy Session: This is an invitation to think through an issue or strategy, in depth, with others. A space to learn from each other: what works, what doesn’t, and how do we develop new and collective strategies to create the worlds we dream of.

Sharing Circle (also known as “Birds of a Feather”): Ideal for small groups, in a more intimate setting, to hear from each other, spark discussion and carefully address topics that may be specific, sensitive and complex.

Arts – Participatory Workshop: Participatory activities involving arts and creative expression. Whether through visual art, theater, film, mural, dance, music, collective craft or artmaking, etc., we welcome all ideas celebrating feminist art and creativity as forms of social change, healing, expression and transformation.

Arts – Performances, Installations and Exhibitions: We welcome submissions that offer Forum participants new experiences and perspectives, expand our horizons, and challenge and inspire us to think, feel and organize in new ways.

Healing: Diverse activities tailored both for groups and individuals, from learning relaxation techniques to discussing burnout prevention, from trauma-informed practices of care for our body, mind and soul to healing rifts within our movements.

What you need to know

  • Priority will be given to activities that facilitate and encourage connection and interaction among participants. If your activity can be held online or hybrid (connecting participants on-site and online), please consider how to generate genuine engagement and active participation from online participants.
  • We encourage cross-movement, cross-regional and inter-generational encounters, dialogues and exchanges.
  • Please design your activity in a way that allows flexibility in the number of participants. While a few activities may be limited to smaller groups, the majority will need to accommodate larger numbers.
  • If your activity fits a number of formats or none, you will be able to indicate as such on the application form.

Languages in which you can submit your activity

  • Languages for Applications: Applications will be accepted in English, French, Spanish, Thai and Arabic.
  • Languages at the Forum: Simultaneous interpretation will be provided at the Forum Plenary Sessions in English, French, SpanishThai, and Arabic as well as ISL (International Sign Language) and possibly more. For all other activities, interpretation will be offered in some––but not all––of these languages, and possibly others, such as Swahili and Portuguese.