In memory of the Women Human Rights Defenders we have lost

Rekindling the memory of our loved ones and their collective contributions to the advancement of human rights.

Video: Changing Systems, Changing Lives

Watch the new animation video from AWID "Changing Systems, Changing Lives"

Fundamentalism must be addressed globally

From police violence to Boko Haram, AWIDer Hakima Abbas says fundamentalism must be addressed globally.

In Nigeria, hundreds of bodies have been found in the northeastern town of Damasak, after an apparent massacre by the militant group Boko Haram. Local sources say the death toll exceeds 400. 

Your voice is fundamental against religious fundamentalisms

This short video can be used as an energizer in any spaces where activists confronting religious fundamentalist opposition are meeting to discuss or advance their work. The video was produced by Articulación ‎Feminista Marcosur in early 2013, in collaboration with Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir-México and AWID. The video was originally produced in Spanish, and is also available in English, French and Arabic.

Video for the Opening Session of AWID's 2012 Forum

This video was screened during the Opening Session of the 2012 International Forum.

Tribute to WHRD Sunila Abeyesekera

In this video we commemorate Sunila Abeysekera, a tireless defender of human rights in Sri Lanka.

Tribute to Feminists and WHRDs Who Are No Longer With Us 2013

In this video we honor Feminists and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) Who Are No Longer With Us and whose contributions to the advancement of human rights are missed.

Highs and Lows for Women's Rights and Gender Justice in 2014

2014 saw an unprecedented increase in conflict, militarism and rising fundamentalisms across the globe, negatively affecting women in a plethora of ways. And while negotiations on the new development agenda - to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that expire this year – took centre stage, women’s rights activists had to fight hard to advance women's human rights. In this video AWID presents a visual overview of some of the highs and lows for women’s rights and gender justice in 2014.

Significant Moments for Women's Rights in 2013

From progressive laws and resolutions being passed to conservative backlash, regressive laws, violence and conflict, 2013 was another year of progress and setbacks for women's rights. AWID presents a visual overview of some of the year's significant moments for women's rights.



Significant Moments for Women's Rights 2012

AWID presents a visual overview of some of 2012's events through a women's rights lens.