Ursula K Le Guin

Ursula was an American novelist who worked mainly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

She found fame with The Left Hand Of Darkness, which imagines a future society where people are ambisexual – they have no fixed sex. It explores the effects of gender and sex in society, and was one of the first major feminist science fiction books. Ursula was inspiring in her subversive and original writing, and also for the themes of feminism and freedom she held so dearly.

Abby Lippman

Abby was a pioneering feminist, human-rights activist and former McGill University epidemiologist.

Abby was renowned for championing social causes and for her insightful critiques of reproductive technologies and other medical topics. Specifically, she campaigned against what she called the "geneticization" of reproductive technologies, against hormone replacement therapy and for better, longer research before the approval of discoveries such as the vaccines against the human papillomavirus.

Teresa Scalzo, Esq.

Kate Millett

Halla Barakat

Hala Salaam

Sharmus Outlaw

Stormé DeLarverie

Serena Shim