Violence Against Women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica: An assessment in progress

This document builds on the key conclusions of a Mesoamerican in-depth diagnosis on violence against women human rights defenders in the region.

Religion, Culture and Tradition: Strengthening Efforts to Eradicate Violence against Women

This resource was created to support the work of rights advocates working in international and regional spaces who are confronting opposition to their efforts using arguments based on religion, culture and tradition.

A World Beyond the War on Drugs

Drug policy and feminist movements have rarely been connected - but they should be.

“I will only stop when my eyes close” – Why we must keep WHRDs' stories alive

By sharing stories of powerful women, we reignite and spread that love and hope, rebirth the creative resilience into the feminist realities that will save our planet. 

HRC41: Critical Gains Despite Backlash

Despite concerted opposition by some States and anti-rights organizations who tried to undermine the existing legal framework on women’s rights and on sexual and reproductive health and rights, the Human Rights Council stood strong and delivered strong resolutions that highlight critical human rights abuses facing women and girls.

Life In Leggings: A Story About Untold Stories

#Lifeinleggings is a story about untold stories. Barbadian feminist, blogger and creator of the hashtag Ronelle King took to social media with the support of her best friend Allyson Benn to share their stories.

Why drug policy is a feminist issue

Like feminism, harm reduction is a philosophy that encourages us to do away with the false distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ women.

Argentine Green Tide on the Rise, Challenging ‘Fear of god’

After the June 14th vote that approved the bill legalizing the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancies, various groups and institutions ramped up their opposition. Out of arguments, they began resorting to violence.

Major gains made for women’s and girls’ rights at the Human Rights Council

Feminists welcome the major gains on women’s and girls’ rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights at the Human Rights Council.

Me Too didn’t start with a hashtag - Hakima Abbas' remarks at EDD 2018

On June 5, 2018, AWID’s co-Executive Director Hakima Abbas interacted with three other panelists at the opening ceremony of the European Development Days 2018, in a discussion focused on global movements tackling multiple forms of violence against women and girls.