'स्वायत्तता के रूप में प्रतिरोध': चयनिका शाह के साथ बातचीत

लेखन और साक्षात्कार: तेनज़िन डोलकर
संपादन: मुना गुरुंग
चित्रण: प्रियंका सिंह महारजन

'Autonomy as Resistance': A conversation with Chayanika Shah

Written and interviewed by Tenzin Dolker
Edited by Muna Gurung 
Illustrations by Priyanka Singh Maharjan


Jaitun, commonly referred to as ‘Amma’, was committed to ensuring the reproductive rights of women and girls in India. She was particularly dedicated to advocating for those living in poverty and who are most marginalized, including Dalit and Muslim women and girls.

Navleen Kumar

"She was not a person. She was a power."
- a fellow activist remembering Navleen Kumar

Fahmida Riaz

After love the first time,
Our naked bodies and minds
A hall of mirrors,
Wholly unarmed, utterly fragile,
We lie in one another's arms
Breathing with care,
Afraid to break
These crystal figurines.” - Fahmida Riaz

Asma Jahangir

Asma was a leading Pakistani rights activist, fearless critic of the military’s interference in politics and a staunch defender of the rule of law.

She was the founding chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent group, and was a trustee of the International Crisis Group. She won international awards and served as the United Nations rapporteur on human rights and extrajudicial killings.

Tahira Mazhar Ali

Gauri Lankesh

Sandhya Rao

Trupti Shah