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Sexting Like a Feminist: Humor in the Digital Feminist Revolution

On September 2nd, 2021, the amazing feminist and social justice activists of AWID’s Crear | Résister | Transform festival came together not only to share resistance strategies, co-create, and transform the world, but also to talk dirty on Twitter.
Illustration of a green hand holding a phone with a decoration at the right side bottom

As these tweets show, it turns out that sexting like a feminist is sexy, funny – and horny. Yet, it never loses sight of its commitment to equity and justice.

Illustration of a purple hand upside-down holding a phone

I love me some poetry…

Roses are red, violets are blue, the revolution is coming and so are you

Always be willing to explore new experiences!

Image of a tweet with the photo of American tv Host Steve Harvey. Text says - Me: Sir, have you tried pegging? Him: No, I haven't. Me: Think about it, cuz I would love to screw you the way the workplaces screw employees out of a livable wage.
Illustration of green hand holding phone

Always good to establish ground rules.

Leave your biases, preconception, and your clothes at the door!

For a thorough analysis, we must apply every tool at our disposal…

Image of a tweet. Text says: I prefer an intersectional approach, namely the tongue and finger method.

Who doesn’t like a visual cue?

When you’ve just met and need a good opening line.

Let's take it nice and slow. Orgasms, much like feminists movement building, take time, energy and a little creativity.

Real feminists don’t kink-shame.

Image of a tweet. Text says: The revolution in your pants will not be televised... unless you're into that kind of thing. Which we can discuss... viva.

and my number 1... Because you know it’s gotten real when higher powers are invoked.

Image of a tweet with a woman fainted on a set of stairs. Text says: I want to cum so hard my ancestors awaken and rejoin the struggle.

Come correct! And show your sources…

You want this pussy? Let me see that paper. (Seriously, where are your test results? Digital copy is fine.)

We all appreciate a clear communication of intent. 

Image of a tweet with a gif of a man saying "Yes daddy". Text says: No one: (blank). Me: Bae I wanna squeeze your ass like I wanna squeeze misogynists out of corporate hierarchies.
Phone with purple hands