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Tweetathon toolkit: Feminist Recommendations to the Spotlight Initiative

Spread the word on social media: feminists have developed 18 recommendations for the Spotlight Initiative to end violence against women

These recommendations have been developed by the Count Me In! Consortium, drawing from the meaningful input from over 600 feminist and women’s rights advocates who shared their visions for defining and implementing this investment of EUR 500 million to end violence against women and girls.

Join us in sharing these feminist recommendations to Spotlight far and wide across your social media profiles during the European Development Days, during which we will also share them with Spotlight in person.

Join the Tweetathon: Tuesday June 5 from 8am EST

How to use this kit:

Recommendations on participation:

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you deliberately support, leverage, and strengthen existing and emerging feminist movements, both nationally and transnationally, in order to succeed in your important mission to end gender-based violence #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that your Civil Society Reference Groups at country, regional, and global levels should be made up of a majority of constituency-led women’s rights & feminist organizations and movements  | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that your reference groups represent a diversity of constituencies: young feminists, LBQTI individuals, women with disabilities, indigenous, migrants, workers, women living with HIV/AIDS | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that 50% of your funding should reach constituency-led women's rights, girl's rights and feminist organizations & networks with track records of taking rights-based action to #endVAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you allow independent civil society organizations to participate as full members of all of your governance bodies, with a binding voice in decision-making | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you create coordination mechanisms for country, regional and global reference groups and decision-making teams so that they may dialogue and influence one another | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you ensure meaningful participation from women's rights and feminist organizations with expertise in ending VAW in your decision-making at all stages | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

Recommendations on funding mechanisms:

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you leverage independent women's funds and @UNTrustFundEVAW to ensure that your resources are invested in groups with a proven and significant potential to #endVAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you channel 50% of your total funds through existing women's funds and @UNTrustFundEVAW | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you base your funding decisions on the basis of appraisals and assessments undertaken by individuals and groups with strong backgrounds in ending VAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you encourage other funders to also directly fund women's rights and feminist organizations, groups and networks, to deepen the ecosystem of resources available to end VAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you prioritize groups that address an intersectional analysis of violence, based on sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, disability, age, race, ethnicity, economic oppression, among others | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18 

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that new donors that you mobilize be held accountable to an unambiguous commitment to SRHR, LGBTQI rights, economic rights, and the right to development, through an intersectional rights-based approach  | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you adhere to an open, competitive grantmaking process. Your current guideline contradicts this key principle of responsible philanthropy | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

Recommendations on disbursement & implementation

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you put mechanisms in place to ensure the active participation of WHRDs, their involvement in decision-making, their integrated protection, their work and protection receive funding | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you build your programming on an analysis of the ways in which structural bias and discrimination against women in economic, political and social systems creates and compounds VAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you support and provide guidelines for UN Country Teams to engage with monitoring funding processes, along with women's rights and feminist organizations | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that your funds go to those with credible proposals and strong track records and knowledge related to ending VAWG, based on a competitive and external grant review process | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you identify clear steps to support a competitive and open process, particularly in cases where states may attempt to interfere in or oppose direct funding to end VAWG | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

To @Spotlight_VAWG → feminists recommend that you adopt an integrated protection approach to secure the safety of WHRDs, particularly in cases where there is potential for conflict with hostile governments, corporations or other non-state actors | #SpotlightEndViolence #EDD18

Count Me In! (CMI!) is a special joint initiative led by Mama Cash, including the sex worker-led Red Umbrella Fund RUF, together with the Association for Women’s Rights in Development AWIDCREA, Just Associates JASS; three Urgent Action Funds Urgent Action Fund (UAF), Urgent Action Fund Africa (UAF-Africa), and Urgent Action Fund Latin America and Caribbean (UAF-LAC). The Dutch gender platform WO=MEN is a strategic partner for lobbying and advocacy. CMI! is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supports the voices and activism of women, girls, trans people and intersex people who are often most marginalised by their communities.

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