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Financial Flows are a feminist issue: a workshop facilitation guide

This new facilitation guide is a popular education tool for learning about Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) from a feminist perspective. It contains a step-by-step methodology for a two-day workshop to be adapted and applied by feminist and social justice groups.

In this guide you will find:

  • concrete steps and resources to facilitate a two-day workshop on IFFs
  • definitions and explanation on why this topic is important for feminist movements

Download the facilitation guide

If you are a popular educator or trainer working around feminist economy issues, this is for you! Make this facilitation guide your own! Feel free to modify, add, clarify, expand, and move things around.

With this guide, you will be able to lead a workshop that will:

  • build a stronger understanding of illicit financial flows from a feminist perspective
  • realize our collective possibilities to redirect global wealth in line with our feminist visions of social and economic justice
  • build strategies to disrupt the current unjust order and create new feminist agendas

How to apply the IFF facilitation guide

The module is based on –and complements– AWID’s policy brief, Illicit Financial Flows: Why we should claim these resources for gender, economic and social justice, published in 2018.

The application of this facilitation guide will broaden feminist knowledge and analysis of IFFs, and our global economy at large.

At the same time, it will help to collectively build and strengthen feminist mobilization to stop the drain of public resources and demand gender and social justice for all. The guide can,  for example, help groups to develop strategies to advocate for stricter financial regulations and put an end to corporate privileges that harm people and the planet – in other words, de-mystifying, exposing and stopping IFFs.

This facilitation guide is the result of the knowledge, creativity, passion and generosity of a group of feminist educators from around the world. They all agreed to be part of a collaborators’ group to help make the feminist analysis of IFFs more accessible to feminist and social justice movements.

We are deeply grateful for the commitment of each of our collaborators and we are truly inspired by the magic that this collective was able to create.

The co-creators of this facilitation guide are:

  • Daniela Fonkatz and Ana Ines Abelenda (AWID)
  • Zenaida Joachim (Mesoamericanas en Resistencia - El Salvador)
  • Olga Shnyrova (Ivanovo Center for Gender Studies - Russia)
  • Leah Eryenyu (Akina Mama Wa Afrika - Uganda)
  • Daryl Leyesa (Oriang and PKKK/National Rural Women Congress - the Philippines)

Download the facilitation guide

This Guide is also available in Spanish and Russian

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We hope this facilitation guide will equip feminist and social justice movements to better understand and disrupt the current unjust order and create new agendas. We look forward to the analysis and strategies that we hope will emerge from the collective knowledge and power of each workshop.

Please share your experience with us once you have applied the methodology!

If you have any questions: contact us


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