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Intersections: The politicisation of religion and sexual and reproductive health and rights

The world is seeing a resurgence of religious extremism at national, regional, and global levels, which renews the threat to many of the rights that would be achieved and concretised such as equality of women, of citizens who belong to ethnic and religious minorities, and of sexual minorities.

ARROW for Change - Intersection - cover report 2017

Amid this troubling development, ARROW has published its ARROW for Change (AFC) which addresses many of the topics, issues and challenges pertaining the aforementioned subject. Because religious fundamentalism is intertwined with other political trends, the publication defines terms such as nationalism, ethnicity and religion, which is important in understanding the phenomena and why it is an uphill battle for human rights defenders.

Additionally, the AFC looks at the current landscape of religious extremism, how it affects SRHR and comprehensive sexuality education, and case studies from Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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