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Global Treaty on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Everywoman Everywhere has put out global call for an international treaty on violence against women and girls worldwide. 

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Share your views on Worker Rights

Deadline: 30 June, 2016

The United Nations Special Rapporteur is partnering with the Solidarity Center to research a report on the links between the political, social, and economic exclusion of workers, their associations and trade unions.

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Support the participation of Black feminist artists at the 2016 AWID Forum

Ahead of the 2016 AWID Forum next September, we invite you to support Black feminist painters, dancers, drummers, curators, djs, writers, poets, chefs, singers, graffiti artists and storytellers from the continent and the diaspora by taking part in BLACK CANVAS | REVERBERATIONS OF FREEDOM crowdfunding campaign.

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Seeking Researchers and Women’s Organizations for UN Study

The Women’s Human Rights Institute (WHRI) is undertaking a two-year research and advocacy project to promote participation in data gathering for the upcoming thematic report of the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and Practice (UNWGDAW) on “good practices” in addressing discrimination and promoting women’s self-empowerment.  The project will focus on identifying potential “good laws” and/or important case law that promote women’s substantive equality, and developing case studies that delve into the content of the laws, their impact and implementation mechanisms, as well as the complex set of factors and actors involved in their creation and implementation.

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Consultation on intentional destruction of cultural heritage as a violation of human rights

Deadline: 10 June, 2016

The consultation aims to assess the impact of the intentional destruction on the exercise of the rights to enjoy and access cultural heritage, to access, contribute to and enjoy the arts and to participate in cultural life.

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WfWI Call for Evidence: Women’s Grassroots Advocacy Training Programmes

Women for Women International is conducting research into effective training programmes for women’s grassroots advocacy and is seeking existing research, evaluations, case studies and examples of training programmes/curricula to support this study. The research outcomes will be used to inform the development of future advocacy training for Women for Women International programme graduates.

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Transforming Dynamics in the Care Economy: A Call for Global Action

Why the call?

The UN Secretary General has convened a High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. The panel that next meets in July prior to delivering an implementation plan in September 2016, has agreed six priority areas of which addressing the care economy is one.

The momentum generated by the High Level Panel provides a unique opportunity for those working on the care economy to collaborate on a joint statement on:

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Call for ABSTRACTS for 2016 AGENDA Journal

Contributors are invited to write on the topic above from either a research or an activism perspective. Abstracts and contributions must be written in English and in a style accessible to a wide audience.  

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MA program in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.

Deadline: 15 July, 2016

This program by the Lebanese American University blends academic research, intellectual rigor, and social activism to equip students with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to challenge gender inequalities.

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Submissions to AWID Movement Sourcebook

Deadline extended: 1 August, 2016 

Help us to document a ‘story’ about your movement – the story of its history, vision, strategies, and achievements for the “Movement Sourcebook” that we are developing as a resource for the 2016 AWID Forum: Feminist Futures: Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice.

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