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© Adolfo Lujan | Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) - modified

Courageous WHRDs in the Media

These 21 Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) worked as journalists and more widely in the media sector in Mexico, Colombia, Fiji, Libya, Nepal, United States, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, Germany, France, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom. 17 of them were murdered and in one case the cause of death is still unclear. On this World Press Freedom Day, please join us in commemorating the life and work of these women by sharing the images below with your colleagues, friends and networks using the hashtags #WPFD2016 and #WHRDs.

The contributions of these women were celebrated and honoured in our Tribute to Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) Who Are No Longer With Us.

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Losana McGowan_ENG Album 2
Jacky Sutton_ENG Album
Ana Maria Marcela Yarce Viveros_ENG Album
Flor Alba Nunez Vargas_ENG Album
Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro_ENG Album
Nadia Vera_ENG Album
Rocio Gonzalez Trapaga_ENG Album
Yolanda Ordaz_ENG Album
Anja Niedringhaus ENG
Palwasha T_ENG
Uma Singh ENG
Adaluz Monterrey Eden ENG
Nan Robertson ENG
Rahma Abdulkadir ENG
Regina Martinez ENG
© Octavio Gomez/Proceso
Almena Lomax ENG
Anna Politkovskaya ENG
Benjaline Hernandez ENG