Anti-Rights Actors

Anti-Rights Actors

Chapter 4

A complex and evolving network of anti-rights actors is exerting increasing influence in international spaces as well as domestic politics. Often backed by obscure funding, these actors build tactic alliances across issues, regions, and faiths to increase their impact.  

Image from #GenderAndSex Conference
23.02.2018 I Congreso Internacional sobre Género, Sexo y Educación (#GenderAndSex Conference)

We are witnessing fascist and fundamentalist actors that, while nationalist in their discourse, are completely transnational in their ideological underpinnings, political alliances, and networks of financing. In some cases these groups are backed by obscure funding flows, linked with big business, or far-right political parties. However, they also create strategic alliances, including, in some cases, with segments of the feminist and women’s rights movements, and distance themselves from more outwardly extreme elements to appear more legitimate. Anti-rights actors are also spreading and replicating their brand of anti-rights organizing -  be that campaigning and lobbying or strategic litigation - across the globe. 

Table of Contents

  • CitizenGo
  • Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)
  • Funding of Anti-rights Actors 
  • The Links Between Anti-trans Feminists and Christian Fundamentalists
  • Exercise: Let’s Map the Landscape
  • Movement Resistance Story: Catolicadas, a Powerful Communication Tool to Promote Gender Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Rights

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