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Annual Reports

Discover the strategies and activities we implement with our members, allies and partners to advance women´s rights and gender equality around the world.

AWID IN 2015: Building Collective Impact

In 2015 AWID grew and diversified.

We ramped up preparations for the 13th AWID international Forum, focused a lot of energy on the Post 2015 Development Agenda and Financing for Development processes, and continued the core work of our priority areas:

A sneak peak inside the report

The context

  • We continue witnessing the rapid breakdown in democracy and democratic institutions, with spaces for dissent shrinking.
  • Multiple and concurrent systemic crises (energy, food, finance and climate) continue to deepen inequalities and pose major challenges.
  • Corporations are a leading power in determining the development agenda.
  • Violence against WHRDs remains an urgent problem.
  • Religious fundamentalisms are pervasive and increasingly powerful.
  • New forms of online gender-based violence have emerged.

In response, we are moving out of our silos.

Increasingly, women’s rights and other movements worldwide are articulating the systemic and intersectional nature of these and other problems. We are making better connections with the agendas of other social and environmental movements for solidarity, alliance building and collective responses. We are also seeing greater visibility of these movements fighting for justice on the ground.

Our Impact

  • For effective strategizing and advocacy, we need facts
  • To exchange knowledge and join hands in solidarity, we need  a strong online community
  • To build our collective power, we need to work together
  • To influence international processes,  we need to increase our access and voice
  • To reposition power we need to give visibility and emphasize  the important role that feminist and women’s rights movements  are already playing

Our Members

As at 31st December, 2015 we had:

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