AWID at CSW: a Portal to Feminist Power. The Banner shows a black woman holding a megaphone.

AWID at CSW67: a Portal to Feminist Power

Imagine opening a door which takes you into a conversation with feminist activists in other continents. This portal will transcend the barriers of UN CSW by pushing beyond language barriers, unaffordable travel, unequal protection from COVID19, and racist visa regimes.

This week, we’re putting a virtual spin on CSW by connecting and amplifying feminist activists' voices, to challenge the discriminatory barriers that limit participation and influence. By setting up connecting “portals” in New York City, Nairobi & Bangalore, we'll host a physical-virtual hybrid space for feminists to connect their struggles and build collective power.

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Graphic for the Announcement of AWID's participation in CSW 2023 with Portals

What are we covering? 

Day 1: March 6 - Accessibility

Day 2: March 7- Challenging Anti-Rights Actors And Corporations

Day 3: March 8 - Challenging Anti-Rights Actors And Corporations

Day 4: March 9- Reclaiming Multilateralism

Find the program for this week's activities here: 

Download full program here (PDF)

Bangalore Schedule (PNG)  Nairobi Schedule (PNG) New York City Schedule (PNG)