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L´AWID est une organisation féministe mondiale qui consacre ses efforts à la justice de genre, au développement durable et aux droits humains des femmes

Conseil des Droits de l'Homme (CDH)

​​​​​​Le Conseil des droits de l'homme (CDH) est un organe intergouvernemental clé du système des Nations Unies, responsable de la promotion et la protection des droits humains autour du globe. Il se réunit  trois fois par an en session ordinaire, en Mars, Juin et Septembre. Le Bureau du Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies aux Droits de l’Homme (HCDH) constitue le secrétariat pour le CDH.

Le CDH :

  • Débat et adopte des résolutions sur les questions globales des droits humains ainsi que sur la situation des droits humains dans des pays particuliers

  • Examine les plaintes des victimes de violations des droits humains et des organisations activistes, au nom des victimes de violations des droits humains

  • Nomme des experts indépendants (que l'on connaît sous le nom de « Procédures Spéciales ») pour réviser les cas de violation des droits humains dans des pays spécifiques, ainsi que pour examiner et suivre des questions globales relatives aux droits humains

  • Prend part à des discussions avec les experts et les gouvernements sur les questions de droits humains

  • Évalue les bilans des États membres de l'ONU en matière de droits humains tous les quatre ans et demi, dans le cadre de l'examen périodique universel.

En savoir plus sur le CDH

Session actuelle: CDH 44

La prochaine session du CDH a lieu à Genève, en Suisse, du 30 juin au 17 juillet 2020.

AWID travaille avec des partenaires féministes, progressistes et du domaine des droits humains pour partager nos connaissances clé, convoquer dialogues et évènements avec la société civile, et influencer les négociations et les résultats de la session.

Avec nos partenaires, notre travail consiste à :

◾️ Suivre, surveiller et analyser les acteurs, discours et stratégies anti-droits et leur impact sur les résolutions du CDH.

◾️ Co-développer un plaidoyer collectif pour contrer les acteurs anti-droits et discuter plus en détails les résultats du Rapport de tendances 2017 du OURs

◾️ Soutenir, coordoner et développer de manière collaborative le Caucus féministe qui émerge au CDH.



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Mirta Moragas Mereles


Mirta Moragas Mereles is a Paraguayan lawyer, feminist activist and human rights advocate. She has an LLM in International Legal Studies from the  American University Washington College of Law with a specialization in human rights and gender. She belongs to RESURJ. Also, she is a founding  member of Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva en América Latina. Besides, at the local level, she belongs to Las Ramonas, a feminist group that coordinates the Consultorio Jurídico Feminista.

Moreover, she has collaborated with shadow reports processes at the UN for several Committees such as CEDAW, CESCR, CERD, HRC and UPR. She also works as a litigator and researcher in issues regarding gender, sexuality and human rights.

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Snippet The revolution will be feminist_Fest (FR)

Session plénière:

La révolution sera féministe — ou il n’y aura pas de révolution

Manal Tamimi Palestine
Bubulina Moreno, Colombia
Karolina Więckiewicz, Poland
Anwulika Ngozi Okonjo, Nigeria

Regardez la vidéo (anglais)


Clau Corredor


Clau is of the gender/genre “fiction.” A co-founder of Mujeres Al Borde [Women on the Edge], social communicator,* journalist and fan of the performing arts, for the last 20 years Clau has conceptualized and created spaces and processes of artivism, learning, creativity, freedom, pleasure and care for sexual and gender dissidents at the local and international level.

A pioneer of Colombia’s queer artivist theatre world since 1996, Clau was a co-founder of the lesbian organization Triángulo Negro [Black Triangle], which created the first theatre group for lesbian women in Bogotá. In 2001 Clau founded the “Queer Theatre Las Aficionadas” School where more than 1300 people have participated. Clau has been director and playwright of over 21 plays, which have enabled the creation of new and diverse methodologies of inclusion.

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Snippet Elimination of Discrimination_Fest (EN)

The Elimination of Discrimination Against Sex Workers

Kay Thi Win, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)
Thin Pa Pa Htun, Aye Myanmar Association
Xiao Shuang, Northeast Transgender Support Network
Cathy Ketepa, Friends Frangipani Inc. PNG
Rajeshwari Prajapati, Society for Women Awareness Nepal (SWAN)

watch panel

Leidiane Drosdoski Machado

Latin America
Date of death / disappearance
Cause of death / disappearance

Killed / Asesinada / Assassinée

Shreya Shah


Shreya (they/them) is a south asian, gender fluid, queer, femme facilitator, coach, and visual artist based in the U.S. (California). Shreya is the founding director of Saltwater Social Justice Training- rooted in the vision that the antidote for most things is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea.  They create transformative spaces for collective liberation through the alchemy of sweat/hard work and discipline; tears/embracing our full human complexity, from joy to grief; and the sea/replenishing our spirits.

They support the capacity building and development of activists and organizers, grassroots groups, collectives, healers, and organizations through Saltwater and Training for Change.

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Snippet Feminist Art Walk_fest (ES)

Paseo de las Artes Feministas

Como parte de nuestro compromiso de lograr una interacción más profunda con artistas y la práctica de la creación conjunta de las Realidades Feministas, AWID colaboró con un grupo de trabajo de artisvistas para promover y fortalecer las agendas y realidades feministas en sus comunidades y movimientos a través de sus expresiones creativas. Nuestra intención en este punto es reunir a creativxs feministas en un espacio pujante y valiente donde puedan desarrollarse y vivir en libertad, y donde puedan romper las narrativas tóxicas para sustituirlas por alternativas transformadoras.

Paseo de las Artes Feministas

Kamee Abrahamian


Kamee arrives in the world today as a queer and feminist diasporic-Armenian mother, interdisciplinary creative, scholar, producer, and facilitator. They hold a BFA/BA in film and political science (Concordia University), an MA in art therapy (European Graduate Institute), and soon to be PhD in community, liberation, indigenous and eco psychologies (Pacifica Graduate Institute).

Kamee's work is steeped in relational, generative, visionary and liberatory practices oriented towards ancestral reclamation, diasporic futurism, and radical imaginaries. They have published, organized, and presented their work internationally through Saboteur Productions and Kalik Arts, and continues to do so both independently and inside collaborative frameworks.

Communications Manager
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Snippet Feminist Art_Fest (EN)

Arte Feminista

Lady Jase of York


Lady Jase of York is a young feminist and LGBTQI human rights Activist from the Kingdom of Tonga. She has been actively working as the representative focal person for Tonga Leitis Association Youth to Tonga, the Pacific, and the world. She had experience in travelling to attend international events and training that is beneficial to the work that she does in her community. 
She had also been selected in few times to represent Tonga CSOs in regional and international conferences and training. 

Lady Jase is a co-founding member of a new founding LGBTQI organisation in Tonga- the Vava'u Leitis Association apart from the long-founded umbrella organisation, Tonga Leitis Association was founded in 1992. Lady Jase is an advocate for LGBTQI rights in the Kingdom of Tonga and continues to promote gender equality and campaigning to end discrimination, stigmas, and violence against the rainbow community in Tonga. Recently, she was selected by the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network Campaign Advocacy committee for the Reform 53 campaign. 

She loves to travel and meeting new people on the other side of the world. 

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