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Post-2015 Development Agenda

This special focus section provides critical feminist analysis and access to key resources related to the new development agenda which will succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015.

Governments have been working to agree on a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which was mandated by the Rio+20 conference in 2012. The outcomes of this debate will intersect with the Post-2015 agenda in defining a future path for sustainable development, building on environmental, social and economic issues as the three main pillars.

Debates around this new agenda have so far been led by the United Nations, and with the participation of many other development actors including governments, civil society, international institutions and the private sector.

People's Climate March - Sept. 2014

The active and meaningful participation of women's rights organizations and gender equality advocates is crucial to ensuring that human rights, especially women's rights and gender equality, are included and advanced in the new development framework.


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