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What is the situation of women’s rights in Togo just before the Presidential elections of 2010?

Togo will hold its Presidential elections on 4 March 2010. Seven candidates are running, including one woman, Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson, the first in the history of the country. In her campaign message, she commits herself to "create the favourable conditions for young men and women of [her] country to learn how to live together again, as one and the same people, driven by national pride.”

By Massan d’ALMEIDA

Source: AWID

The legacy of North African Women’s writing: A review of “Women Writing Africa: The Northern Region”

Little known stories from North Africa are told in this volume published by the Feminist Press.

For millennia, women in North Africa have expressed themselves through writing first in hieroglyphics and then in Latin, Greek, Arabic, French and English alphabets. This is a distinct advantage that North Africans as a whole have as compared to the rest of Africa in which a writing tradition is not as old.

Source: AWID