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Social Media Intern

Deadline: Until filled

Location: Flexible

Organization: Gender at Work (G@W)


Gender at Work (G@W) is an interna3onal feminist network of individuals and organiza3ons, located at the intersec3on of theory and prac3ce, which works to end all forms of discrimina3on and advance cultures of equality, par3cularly gender equality. We mobilize top-notch thinkers, analysts, prac33oners and ac3vists to build cuFng-edge knowledge and change interven3ons and unleash individual and collec3ve capaci3es for gender jus3ce that are unique, grounded and poli3cally conscious. We work to build a field of thinking and prac3ce by taking these innova3ons to an ever-widening community of individuals, organiza3ons, movements and teaching ins3tu3ons commiIed to building cultures of equality.

G@W is looking for a social media intern. As G@W’s Social Media Intern, you will be instrumental in the implementa3on of an outreach program that will deliver virtual, par3cipant-driven content. Your work will strengthen bonds with our current communi3es and bring new audiences to our website and resources.

The intern will maintain G@W’s presence on various social media plaPorms and help create and publish content that is relevant to our communi3es. He/she will regularly analyze and report on the ac3vity on social media networks and our website.


Social Media

  • Update Facebook, TwiIer, Linkedin and Instagram accounts

  • Respond to posts or comments to bring value to user’s interac3ons with G@W.

  • Research ar3cles, stories, resources, or other content that is relevant to our communi3es and posts it to our Facebook and TwiIer page in a manner that invites conversa3on and interac3on.

  • Grow G@W online social networks by increasing user base and interac3ons.

  • Maintain current informa3on in Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Complete other social media projects as assigned.

  • Use Google Analy3cs to assess trends and ac3vity on the G@W website

  • Review data on the performance of social media plaPorms and adjusts plans or strategies to op3mize reach.

    Gender at Work website


  • Administrate the crea3on and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content provided by G@W Staff and Associates

  • Coordinate with Associates and Staff in Manage the blog page on the Gender at Work site -- th

  • Create a regular (or automa3c) publishing schedule on SM plaPorms

  • Plan specific, 3mely campaigns across all plaPorms in line with current events and trends

  • Promote content through social media campaigns (reviewed and changed on weekly-monthly basis dependent on analy3cs results)

  • Manage the crea3ve side and analy3cs side of campaigns and demonstrate this through results


  • The ideal candidate will show a strong interest in gender jus3ce, preferably with a University degree that reflects this interest. S/he must be social media savvy. Must be proac3ve and have a strong desire to enhance Internet presence. Must be comfortable working in a virtual environment.


  • Technical
    *Creative self-starter who is comfortable with both taking ini3a3ve and working in collabora3on in a virtual environment.

    *Detail oriented with strong wriIen and verbal communica3on skills.

    *Experience with Social Media applica3ons, basic photo-edi3ng and video-edi3ng soeware, and internet browsers. Experience with Photoshop and Wordpress a plus.

    *Familiarity and facility with mainstream social media plaPorms, including but not limited to Facebook, TwiIer, Google+ and LinkedIn.

    *Available to work 10 hours per week.

    * Proofreading and editing skills.
    * Ability to create, compose and edit wriIen materials. * Ability to write simply with a conversational style 

Please note: This is a virtual and an unpaid position 


How to apply:

If you have demonstrated experience and knowledge using social media and if you are interested in gender jus3ce and interna3onal development, please send your CV and a cover leIer to as soon as possible. 

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