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Request for Proposals: Multimedia Storytelling Production


Location: Remote

Organization: AWID

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: as requested, we've extended the deadline to submit proposals to OCT 24th

About AWID

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is a non-profit, international membership organization founded in 1982 with an average annual budget of approximately $4 million USD. The Association is exempt from federal and state income taxes in the United States of America under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is a non-profit organization under the Income Tax Act of Canada.

AWID is committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development, and women's human rights. AWID’s mission is to support feminist, women’s rights and gender justice movements to thrive, to be a driving force in challenging systems of oppression, and to co-create feminist realities.

AWID’s work is structured through multi-year programs that respond to the need to strengthen the work of women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements. AWID’s programs are implemented through a combination of strategies ranging from knowledge building and information dissemination, advocacy and engagement with influential actors and institutions, alliance building, convening strategic dialogues, capacity building, and resource mobilization to support women’s rights organizing.


Feminist economic realities exist in the here and now. They have for ages. They constitute experiences that sometimes co-exist with the capitalist mainstream, lifting people up from the margins. Many are re-activating and multiplying in the midst of interlocking crises including the current COVID19 pandemic. As economic recession looms against a system that was already collapsing for most people -especially BIPOC, impoverished, incarcerated, migrant, indigenous, queer peoples- feminist economic realities are our portal. 

AWID is interested in developing 4 multi-media stories to walk viewers through concrete experiences of feminist economies we love. They have in common that they challenge mainstream economics and the pillars on which it stands: patriarchy, heteronormativity, white supremacy, colonial domination and ecological destruction. 

Content for the Multimedia Stories:

Our intention is to partner with a production company to create a special series of 4 multimedia stories inspired and informed by the experiences of identified AWID partners and allies around the following topics:

  • Feminists Centering Care in the Economy: A Cross-Movement Dialogue
  • Nurturing Collective Territories for Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
  • Towards a Feminist Finance: Rethinking and Rebuilding Monetary Systems
  • Feminist Union Organizing: Amplifying our Collective Power

For each one of them, we have identified 3-4 organizations who have implemented experiences on Feminist Economic Realities we’d like to share. Each Multimedia story will be a combination of audio interviews, video, still images, graphic illustrations or other creative formats. It will need to be developed in AWID’s 3 working languages: English, Spanish and French. Also, the production company must be able to communicate and coordinate operational aspects with organizations who speak in one or more of these 3 languages.  

Script writing, graphics and all aspects of production will be handled by the studio, as well as any interviews or recordings required. The production company will deliver a finalized product in 3 languages that can be uploaded to AWID’s website and shared through our social media. 

Submission of proposal:

Proposals are to be submitted no later than October 20, 2021 to 

The proposal is to include:

  1. Expertise and experience producing multimedia storytelling, including recent samples of work.
  2. Your strategy to create 4 multimedia stories about Feminist Economic Realities from AWID’s partner and allied organizations
  3. A detailed Project Plan that includes pre-production, production, post-production, copywriting.
  4. A Project Budget
  5. Any additional estimates: describe your billing rates and procedures for technical questions that may come up during the year, or whether these occasional services are covered in the proposed fee structure.

Selection Criteria:

The award pursuant to this RFP will be based upon the proposal and interview with appropriate consideration given to operational, technical, cost, and management requirements. 
The following elements will be the key considerations in evaluating submitted proposals and selecting a Production Company:

  1. Evidence of the company’s qualifications to provide the above services and ability to deliver the indicated service in accordance with the specifications set out in this RFP
  2. Submit a detailed, well-aligned proposal that reflected our request
  3. Proposal including clarity on what the work would look like and what we can expect from the services
  4. Background and experience in producing multimedia storytelling;
  5. Recent samples of production

Should you require further clarification, please contact us at

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