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Provision of Consultancy Services for an Evaluation of Ipas's Programs to Improve Reproductive Health and Rights


Location: Flexible

Organization: Ipas

Evaluation Purpose:

The main purpose of the evaluation is to understand how Ipas is performing against the current strategic plan.

Scope of Work:

The evaluation will assess the relevance, effectiveness, measurement framework, and partnership approaches, of Ipas’s global, regional, and country-level strategies and activities, across all five Outputs of Ipas’s strategic plan. This evaluation is expected to inform improvements to organizational functioning and strategic plan achievement; therefore, Ipas seeks an evaluator that can work as a learning partner to make sure the approach and findings are relevant and are applied within the organization.

Evaluators will travel to selected countries to be briefed by Ipas staff on program objectives, activities and achievements. Ipas staff will also facilitate introductions and logistics for evaluators to meet or talk with key partners and beneficiaries with relevant perspectives, including at Ipas-intervention health-care facilities. In addition to examining select individual country programs, evaluators will assess Ipas’s global and regional technical leadership and evaluators will likely visit Ipas’s headquarters office in North Carolina.

The final approach and methodology for the evaluation will be elaborated by the evaluators themselves in the inception report. It is expected, however, that the evaluation approach will be participatory and practical, engaging appropriate internal and external stakeholders in a way that fosters their meaningful input while being efficient and respecting their time. The evaluation methodology will include both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.

Please see the linked TOR for more information, below.

See the full job description

How to apply:

Please submit proposals by October 25, 2019 in PDF format to

Prospective evaluators should include the following in their proposal:

  • A CV and document highlighting their experience/qualifications as relevant to this work.
  • A suggested timeline for the work. A preliminary timeline is offered in the Time Schedule section of the TOR, if helpful.
  • A preliminary budget should be submitted with responses to the request for proposals, based on the expectation outlined in the Resources section of the TOR.

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