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Professional development programme for gender trainers

Date: 23 October 2017 to 30 April 2018

Location: Online + workshops in Amsterdam, Netherlands


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UN Women Training Center

This six-month certified programme, offered by KIT and UN Women Training Centre, aims to

  • sharpen training skills and knowledge of gender and development concepts as a gender equality trainer
  • enable participants to better employ learning and knowledge strategies
  • support participants to re-claim training for gender equality as a political feminist process
  • renew participants as a gender equality trainer and their commitment to gender training as a transformatory process

Using a combination of lectures, guest presentations and practical activities and assignments, the programme strengthens trainers’ capacities in three inter-related domains:

  • Conceptual Depth and Clarity: gender and development theory and practice in various themes; and global approaches to gender in development
  • Feminist Practices: gender knowledge and knowledge making and power; reflexivity; change and resistance; and global governance of development and client relations
  • Training Skills and Methods: training design, delivery and evaluation; communication skills; and learner-centred pedagogy

The programme employs blended design including face-to-face workshops, virtual seminars as well as mentoring and networking.


The programme works in a co-creation process with experienced gender trainers from both the global south and north who

  • have a minimum of three years of training experience on gender issues.
  • have knowledge of gender and development and gender in public policy.
  • have an institutional affiliation/experience: UN agencies, international and national NGOs, national governments, academia, etc.
  • demonstrate commitment to completing the six-month process of professional development.


Programme dates

  • Participant pre-programme preparation: October 1 – 23, 2017
  • Programme: October 23, 2017 to April 30, 2018

Module dates and location

Two face-to-face one-week workshops in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

  • Module 1: October 23-27, 2017
  • Module 3: April 16-20, 2018
  • Moderated on-line sessions. Module 2: January 16, 2018 to February 13, 2018
  • Virtual mentoring and networking: October 30, 2017 to April 13, 2018

Venue and Accommodations

  • Workshops are at KIT’s meeting facilities in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Accommodations are participants’ responsibility with KIT providing coordination support. Options include KIT Amsterdam Tropen Hotel, shared accommodations and participants’ own arrangements.

Language: English


Since the Beijing World Conference on Women in 1995, gender training remains a key policy and programme response to address a wide range of perceived needs to make gender mainstreaming happen. In many respects, it has become a cure-all to address the many challenges gender mainstreaming entails. Seen as a missing element, repeated calls for gender training reflect a ‘more of the same but better’ approach to addressing the limitations of gender mainstreaming (Milward et al., 2015).

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