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President & CEO

Deadline: Until filled

Location: California, USA

Organization: Global Fund for Women

About Global Fund for Women:

At Global Fund for Women, our vision is a world where every woman and girl is strong safe, powerful, and heard. No exceptions. We are a global champion for the rights of women and girls, using grantmaking and advocacy to propel global movements for women’s rights.


We believe in the power of women to change their lives—and the world around them—for the better. When women, girls, and trans people organize and join together, they can create the lasting shifts in power, opportunity, laws, and culture that are necessary to achieve gender equality.

Global Fund for Women stands with movements for women’s human rights all over the world. Here are the pillars of our unique approach to supporting movements for women’s human rights:

  • Our global network of over 2,000 advisors and partners – this network helps us find, fund, and strengthen groups who work with the most marginalized women in the world.
  • Flexible, “core-support” funding – this flexible funding allows groups to choose how best to spend their grants.
  • Multi-year funding – we give multi-year grants as often as possible, so that our grantee partners can plan for the long-term.
  • Partnerships with other women’s funds – we work closely with sister local and regional women’s funds, since they understand their communities, can reach smaller, emerging groups, and encourage local people to support and fund women’s rights.
  • Amplifying voices – together with our partners, we shine a spotlight on urgent issues, ensuring women’s and girls’ perspectives and solutions are heard loud and clear. We share voices that have been silenced to inspire and activate new advocates and donors.
  • Movement strengthening – movements become powerful by organizing marginalized people with a shared political agenda, so that they can take action collectively for advancing human rights and addressing inequalities. Based on research, evidence, and practice, we developed a Movement-Capacity Assessment Tool to help our movement partners assess their strengths and challenges. Movement building is key to our strategic grantmaking.

We are part of a vibrant and diverse global network, with a shared passion for securing equal rights for all worldwide. We know that we’re infinitely stronger when we connect our issues locally, regionally, and globally, and when we link people, organizations, and movements. We help connect grantees to other donors, as well as local or national women’s groups. These connections enable groups to share, learn, and organize together to strengthen movements for women’s rights.

By funding, connecting, and amplifying critical work for women’s rights, we help sustain vibrant women’s rights movements that can deliver lasting change.


We work to advance rights by getting money and support to organizations led by women, girls, and trans people who are fighting for justice in their own communities.  We support organizations led by historically marginalized groups who are working to build strong, connected movements for gender equality, justice, and human rights.

Our grantmaking propels leaders, organizations, and movements. We use our network of over 2,000 advisors and partners across the world to help us find, fund, and strengthen groups who can make the most difference in their communities. We give general support funding that allows groups to choose how best to spend their grants. We offer multi-year support as often as possible, so that groups can plan long-term. We also help women’s groups connect to other local, national, or regional groups to share, learn, and organize together.

We believe in the power of movements to drive sustainable social change. That’s why we support our grantees with more than just money—we support peer learning and exchange through travel and event grants; we support our grantee partners in connecting in person via “convenings” and joint opportunities to strategize; we connect philanthropists and activists; and we provide tools and resources that help strengthen institutions.

We use the following strategies to support movements:

  • Strengthening organizations: We give grants to organizations led by women, girls, and trans people. We also help strengthen organizations by providing resources beyond money, such as opportunities to learn from each other, training in the secure use of online technologies, and skill development in areas such as fundraising.
  • Building collective power: The power of learning, sharing, and teaching together is critical to strong movements for women’s rights. We fund and collaborate with partners to organize events and meetings that gather women’s groups in a particular region or country to learn, share strategies, and fuel action and change.
  • Women’s funds: Partners in equality: Sustainable, long-term power shifts can’t be created alone. We partner with women’s funds in a variety of ways including seeding and supporting local women’s funds—national and regional organizations that also make local grants to women’s rights groups. Women’s funds play a powerful role in strengthening movements by reaching smaller and emerging local groups; providing critical training and resources; and raising money from local donors. Supporting women’s funds and partnering with them to influence the field of philanthropy expands the resources available for women’s rights and strengthens connections across global and local partners.


Since 1987, Global Fund for Women has invested in nearly 5,000 women-led groups across 175 countries, helping win rights for millions of women and girls.

During our 30-year history, we’ve supported women’s rights organizations to end civil wars, get female Presidents elected, and secure laws giving new protection to millions. We started the first girls’ global education fund and ignited important movements to bring an end to trafficking and to create workers’ rights. We’ve also helped to seed and grow over two dozen women’s funds all around the world.

The Opportunity:

Global Fund for Women, a powerful voice in the global women’s rights movement, seeks a visionary President & CEO to lead the organization into its next evolution. Carrying forward and accelerating the positive momentum of Global Fund for Women’s transformative work, this bold and forward-thinking executive will be empowered to lead the organization into the future. This is an exciting opportunity for a proven and credible leader who is passionate and knowledgeable of international women’s rights to leverage Global Fund for Women’s long history of championing women’s equality and provide thought leadership to influence for impact across the globe.

Global Fund for Women is in an ambitious period of philanthropic and programmatic growth, with the recent launch of a $20M growth capital campaign. Bringing a proven track record of and enthusiasm for fundraising, the President & CEO will have the unique opportunity to be the external face for and build momentum around the campaign and position Global Fund for Women to continue to deepen its global impact moving forward.

The President & CEO will bring exceptional leadership and strategic abilities, strong understanding of the philanthropic sector, and a deep sense of respect for the power of social change to advance women’s human rights. This dynamic leader will display excellent emotional intelligence and will have senior-level experience, which will be used to skillfully manage the staff and leverage the Board of Directors.

Key responsibilities:

Vision, Strategy Development, and New Initiatives

  • Work closely with the Board to develop and implement the strategy for how the Global Fund for Women can best accomplish its vision
  • Ensure that strategy is documented and shared within the organization, and fully owned and embraced by all staff
  • Initiate new projects and programs that can catalyze change and build on core strengths, while ensuring consistency with strategic direction
  • Protect and advance strong organizational reputation and brand


Work closely with staff to:

  • Lead the fundraising efforts of the Global Fund for Women, including hiring high-performing development staff and supporting the Board’s involvement in fundraising
  • Establish a coherent fundraising strategy in partnership with staff and Board, and set actionable timelines and goals for implementation
  • Personally cultivate, maintain, and nurture relationships with major individual/institutional donors and solicit support as needed
  • Expand visibility and support within corporations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, and other target donor constituencies
  • Ensure high performance of SF, NY and UK offices to support donor cultivation goals
  • Drive visibility of Global Fund for Women within key audiences (corporations and others) and encourage the development of philanthropic initiatives in partnership with various partners

External Visibility and Representation

With support from staff, be the lead public face for the organization in support of key visibility, development, and influence goals:

  • Ensure positive relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media, and others
  • Represent the organization by participating strategically in key associations and organizations, serving on committees, boards, and advisory groups
  • Speak in major public settings and to high profile business, policy, and philanthropy forums to sustain and build organizational visibility and influence
  • Play key role in garnering major media attention, engaging in strategic and high-profile media opportunities as appropriate
  • Represent the Global Fund for Women in a positive way within the organization and in interactions with individuals and organizations external to the Global Fund for Women
  • Maximize outreach and impact using a variety of social media and digital tools, data metrics, and analysis

Leadership & Management

  • Provide leadership for entire organization, inclusive of team in SF, NYC, and remote locations
  • Lead by example in modeling vision and core values of the Global Fund for Women as well as advancing strategic direction and plan with all staff
  • Model effective leadership with Global Fund for Women’s Executive Team, staff, Board, and outside constituents
  • Supervise, support and mentor the Executive Team
  • Develop and implement a staffing structure and personnel policies that support the efficient delivery of programs and services, accomplishment of major goals identified in the strategic plan, and effective overall management that represents the core values of the organization, and is inclusive and diverse
  • Ensure retention, development, and growth of staff talent


Work with the staff to:

  • Manage the programs of the Global Fund for Women, including hiring high-performing staff with knowledge of programmatic priorities and deep understanding of grantee partners and their contexts
  • Oversee the creation, development, and implementation of programs and services that best advance the mission of the Global Fund for Women
  • Sustain and build the organization’s strong relationships
  • Advance effective organizational advocacy, communications, and campaign activities that build visibility, influence, and engagement among key audiences on critical issues of women’s human rights
  • Ensure positive relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media, and others
  • Speak effectively to the direct impact of all programs with donors and partnership organizations

Impact and Effectiveness

Work with the staff to:

  • Manage the impact and effectiveness function of the Global Fund for Women, including hiring high-performing staff with knowledge and expertise in systemizing the evaluation of key elements of the work
  • Ensure the organization sustains a clear theory of change, that is well understood internally and externally and that evolves as necessary
  • Ensure effective monitoring, evaluation, and assessment structures are built into design of grantmaking initiatives
  • Ensure the development and implementation of an organization-wide learning, monitoring and evaluation framework to capture information regarding Global Fund for Women’s short-term and long-term impact

Finance and Administration

Work closely with staff to:

  • Manage the operations of the Global Fund for Women, including hiring high-performing staff to manage human and financial resources
  • Develop realistic annual financial goals and plans as well as make decisions consistent with those goals and plans as approved by the Board
  • Develop financial guidelines and controls to monitor spending and hiring practices, ensuring organization stays within its approved budget for spending
  • Work in direct partnership with the Board to keep them apprised of any budget challenges, improvements, or necessary changes with a forward looking mindset to adjust for any significant deviations from the annual budget in a timely manner

Board Relations

  • Works with the Board to advance the vision of Global Fund for Women
  • Manage staff support for the work of the Board and Board Committees
  • Closely work with Board governance processes to ensure a strong, diverse, and active Board that reflects the values and mission of the organization
  • Facilitate and ensure Board engagement in all organizational activities

Core Competencies:

The President & CEO will be highly-energetic and passionate, with a track record of achievement in previous leadership roles in philanthropic organizations, a commitment to women’s human rights, established global networks and relationships within the women’s rights movement, and demonstrated business acumen.

The President & CEO will be skilled at working in close partnerships to develop and set the strategic direction of a philanthropic institution. While respecting the historic grant portfolio, this seasoned, confident leader will effectively bring new approaches forward that will enable Global Fund for Women to achieve continued impact with its philanthropy.

The President & CEO will bring strong academic discipline to the role, with a postgraduate degree preferred.

The President & CEO will have a true passion for the mission of Global Fund for Women and an optimistic commitment to championing gender equality on a global scale. In addition, ideal candidates will have the following professional competencies and personal characteristics:

Strategic and Visionary Leadership: The President & CEO will, with the Board of Directors and staff, set and articulate an ambitious, inspiring, modern vision for the next chapter of Global Fund for Women and how it can effectively deploy its human and financial assets towards championing gender equality. This resilient executive will understand the full potential, power, and impact of Global Fund for Women to use both its leadership and grantmaking in combination to meet the needs of women and girls across the globe. The next President & CEO will display intellectual curiosity and critical thinking and have a history of being creative, innovative, and bold in identifying and responding to the needs of marginalized communities and capturing new opportunities for effecting systemic change worldwide. This leader will be skilled at engaging staff, the Board of Directors, and the broader global community in strategy and execution.

Expertise in Fundraising: The President & CEO will have a measurable track record of success in and genuine enthusiasm for development, and the expertise and mindset to build strong relationships with current and potential donors and the Board. This leader will have demonstrated expertise with various fundraising and communications channels, and the ability to engage with all of Global Fund for Women’s constituents throughout the world, including foundations, individual donors, community leaders, and other supporters. The President & CEO will be a flexible, self-motivated team player who will offer insight as appropriate to the Board of Directors in identifying and devising development strategies for Global Fund for Women in order to strengthen its resource base. This executive will have the knowledge and experience necessary to co-lead and generate enthusiasm around a $20M growth capital campaign, including conducting major donor solicitation.

Exceptional Communication: Collaboration and Relationship-Building: A natural bridge- and coalition-builder, the President & CEO will have the ability and sophistication to inspire trust and confidence with a diverse range of stakeholders, including staff, donors, the Board, grantees, and partner organizations, and build connections between them. This individual will be flexible, energetic, positive, creative, and ambitious and will be experienced in successfully establishing strong working relationships and partnerships in furtherance of the organization’s mission. The President & CEO will be an inclusive leader who builds and supports a culture of collaboration and trust among the Board and staff. This individual will be a mature leader who embodies humility, wisdom and strength of character.

The President & CEO will be able to thoughtfully and strategically articulate Global Fund for Women’s value-add in a way that resonates not only with current stakeholders, but with those outside the organization’s usual base of supporters. A natural storyteller, the President & CEO will speak both from the head and from the heart, and will provide a compelling narrative for Global Fund for Women’s campaign that will resonate with diverse audiences.

The President & CEO will have the ability to work with an international Board that is very accomplished and diverse. This leader will have experience with board development and will be empowered and excited to take the Board to the next level as fundraisers.

Operations Management/Business Acumen: The President & CEO will be a seasoned executive with strong staff and financial management experience. This will be an executive who takes pleasure in being a “hands-on” manager of an organization during a period of transition and growth. The President & CEO will excel at leading teams and have demonstrated success in attracting, managing and retaining top-tier staff with a diverse set of skills and providing them with a productive work environment and professional growth opportunities. A thorough and transparent communicator, this individual will demonstrate the ability to provide clear expectations and accountability measures for staff deliverables while encouraging innovation and initiative. This natural leader will understand the strengths of the leadership team and staff and will deploy them effectively to meet organizational goals.

The President & CEO will have a strong business sense and a thorough understanding of operations and finance in order to implement against Global Fund for Women’s vision. This executive will strategically prioritize resource allocations, and will creatively examine Global Fund for Women’s current business model with an eye to how to sustain and grow the organization and venture into new areas. Technologically savvy, the President & CEO will understand how best to use new and existing technologies at Global Fund for Women to increase impact.

How to apply:

Global Fund for Women has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search is being led by Michelle Bonoan and Medelene Beasley. Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume here, or email Michelle and Medelene at the following:

Michelle R.S. Bonoan
Managing Director

Medelene Beasley

The Global Fund for Women is an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law.  Women, people of color, and LGBTQI candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

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