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Media and Gender Consultant

Deadline: Until filled

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Organization: BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action

BBC Media Action is the BBC's international charity. BBC Media Action works in developing and transitional countries to strengthen local media, engage and inform audiences and support development programmes. We work across three principal thematic areas: governance, health and resilience and humanitarian response.

BBC Media Action is funded by external grants and voluntary contributions, including the UK's Department for International Development (DFID), the European Union, UN agencies and charitable foundations. The charity is hosted by the BBC but is operationally independent of it.


BBC Media Action’s country team in Afghanistan has been in operation for 22 years and maintains an office in Kabul. It currently delivers a portfolio of media projects in Afghanistan on good governance, health and capacity strengthening of media and civil society partners. In April 2017 a three year, Global Affairs Canada funded project began under the title “Promoting the Advancement of Women and Girl’s Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan”.

The Project will support civil society organisations to empower women and girls in Afghanistan by enabling them to play an increased role in public discourse. This will be achieved through an innovative approach to strengthening the capacity of Afghanistan based local civil society organisations (CSOs) - both non-profit media and women's rights-focused CSOs - so that they can establish and strengthen networks, coordinate effectively with each other and fulfil their roles in increasing representation and participation by women and girls in decision-making at household, local and national level.

The project’s ultimate outcome: Women and girls are better empowered to participate in decision-making in Afghan society.

BBC Media Action (the new name for BBC World Service Trust) is registered in England & Wales under Charity Commission number 1076235 and Company number 3521587.

The project is being delivered in collaboration with three key partner organisations:

  • Not-for-profit FM radio stations in Afghanistan
  • The Afghan Education Production Organisation (AEPO), an Afghan run, non-profit media for development organisation.
  • The Empowerment Centre for Women (ECW), an Afghan CSO network.

BBC Media Action will be providing training and mentoring to all three organisations over the next 2 and a half years.

Consultant role

BBC Media Action is seeking a Media and Gender Consultant to support the development of a capacity strengthening plan for FM partner stations.

The objective for training over the course of the project is to build FM stations’ capacity to produce gender-sensitive programming in support of women’s and girls’ rights and empowerment and to support gender equality within the stations.

There will be 6 training workshops in total:

  • Training programme 1: Training and mentoring for teams of women within partner radio stations to support the launch of new, entertaining and engaging radio programmes, with central themes related to gender equality and women’s and girls' rights. (4 x workshops).
  • Training programme 2: Training for male and female programme-makers and journalists at each radio station on gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights, and how these can best be addressed through radio content. (2 x workshops).

BBC Media Action is seeking a consultant to support the translation of the core concepts of the project related to the rights of women and girls into effective radio programming through the design of a clear training and mentoring plan for the FM partner stations. This might include covering topics such as:

  • Addressing sensitive subjects  (such as gender inequality) through radio programmes
  • Understanding female and male audiences
  • Producing radio programmes that engage men and women
  • Effective storytelling through radio programmes

BBC Media Action (the new name for BBC World Service Trust) is registered in England & Wales under Charity Commission number 1076235 and Company number 3521587.

Training Needs Assessments (TNAs) were carried out with the FM stations between August-October 2017 to understand the major needs for the trainings in related to production, gender, and drama.

Research has also been conducted by BBC Media Action among audiences across Afghanistan, as well as radio practitioners to understand knowledge, attitudes and practices related to gender equality and women’s rights and empowerment in the country.

BBC Media Action is now in the process of designing a strategy for providing training and mentoring to FM partners.

Training workshops will begin in Kabul from January 2018.

Consultant responsibilities

Based on background documents and discussions with BBC Media Action staff, a Consultant is sought to:

FM partners

1)     Design a training and mentoring plan for the 8 x FM partner workshops that will support the achievement of the project’s objectives within the budget and timeline. This might include

  1. Produce training materials, training literature and handouts in English for Training Workshop 1, due to take place in January 2018.

3)     Work closely with the Kabul training and mentoring manager to develop robust processes for delivering training and mentoring and to support his delivery of the January workshop.

Where possible, we are also seeking a Consultant who will be able to travel to Kabul to lead future training workshops, alongside BBC Media Action staff.


The consultancy will begin as soon as possible from December 2018. This first stage of the consultancy will take place over December 2017-January 2018. There is scope for additional work related to the remaining 7 workshops.

BBC Media Action (the new name for BBC World Service Trust) is registered in England & Wales under Charity Commission number 1076235 and Company number 3521587.

Statutory information relating to BBC Media Action is available on its website:

Additional conditions

If the Consultant is also acting as a trainer and leading the workshop in Kabul, they must be trained in Hostile Environments and First Aid (HEFAT), from a BBC approved provider (currently First Option). If the Consultant has not undertaken such training in the past 3 years, they will be required to do this 5 day training course before undertaking the consultancy. BBC will pay the costs of the course fees, travel and accommodation. If, after attending the HEFAT course, the Consultant decides not to undertake the consultancy, they will be required to reimburse BBC Media Action for the full cost of the course including accommodation and travel costs.

Payment and chargeable costs

If the consultant is also travelling to be a trainer, BBC Media Action will cover all travel costs to and within Kabul, and will provide accommodation and meals in Kabul, and reasonable food expenses during travel (within BBC guidelines). Reimbursement for all such costs will be made conditional on the submission of an invoice and expenses claim accompanied by receipts for all expenses. Payment of expenses will be conditional on approval of expenses according to BBC expenses policy.

How to apply:

Anna Colquhoun

Project Manager


Kaleem Khan

Senior Project Manager

BBC Media Action, Afghanistan

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