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Leave ONE behind, Take ONE forward... Share your aspirations!

This is a unique opportunity for AWID members only!

What have you decided to leave in 2020? And what is it you aspire to take with you into 2021? How can your current feminist realities be part of the future in the new year?

AWID members are at the source of resilience, they are the persevering minds and strong-beating hearts that are also at the roots of our feminist and social movements. That is why we want to hear about your aspirations to: 

  1. leave ONE thing (it can be an idea, feeling, experience, thought etc.) behind in the year that just passed and/or

  2. take ONE, your most inspirational and transformative feminist reality (proposition and idea) forward into 2021.

You can either submit both or choose one. 

We are looking to amplify contributions that have particular relevance as we think about what we’re leaving behind and what lies ahead of us if we continue to build and forge a future that will:

  • Disrupt and dismantle oppressions, patriarchy, corporate power, fascisms and fundamentalisms
  • Propose and co-create feminist realities and narratives.
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What should the contributions look like?

Your contribution can be in one of the following 5 formats (for further specifications please see the submissions form): 

  • Short written text (articles, essays, features, profiles, poems)
  • Photographs (including one of yourself if you would like)
  • Short video clips
  • Graphic designs (including posters)
  • Paintings, illustrations and/or drawings

Contributions can be made in English, French, and Spanish. You will be given the option to submit anonymously if you choose.

Who can submit?

All AWID members are welcome to send submissions, and we strongly encourage those from:

  • Black feminists
  • Indigenous feminists
  • Feminists with disabilities
  • Land rights activists
  • Feminist informalized workers (including sex workers)
  • Trans, intersex, and non-binary feminists
  • Feminists affected by drug policy
  • Feminists in migration

Deadline extended: Please share your contribution by 20January 2021.

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How will the contributions be chosen?

AWID will review all contributions out of which we will publish 20 submissions relating to what is being left behind in 2020 and 21 submissions relating to what is being taken forward into 2021. Additionally, the top five contributions (to be chosen internally by a panel of staff members) will each receive 100 USD. 

We look forward to discovering your ambitions! 

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