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Join the #FeministBailout Action Week: June 1-5, 2020

Date: 1 June 2020 to 5 June 2020

Location: Everywhere online!

From June 1-5, 2020, join us for a week-long online rally to raise your banners and your demands for a #FeministBailout from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is the #FeministBailout campaign about?

We witness the powerful outburst of community solidarity initiatives around the world and across different movements. With this campaign, we want to uplift and amplify these initiatives that communities around the world are already implementing to survive and shift the power.

We envision a campaign that places direct demands on the state by mobilizing our communities to assert what we need, what we deserve, and how we will struggle together to achieve them, while ensuring that our collective priorities are feminist and intersectional.

#FeministBailout week of action: June 1-5 banner

What will happen during the Action Week?

This Action Week will take place completely online - take to your social media, blogs, and any other online platforms where you can make some noise around the #FeministBailout hashtag.

Each day from June 1-5 will focus around a theme (below), all of which center feminist realities, experiences and visions, on the continuum between resistance and proposition, struggle and alternative. 

We invite you to add your own spin to the following themes.

Action Week Themes

June 1: Resources & Economic Justice

June 2: Bodies, Pleasure & Wellbeing

June 3: Governance, Accountability & Justice

June 4: Digital Realities

June 5: Planet & Living Beings

Social Media Kit

Here is a social media kit with messages and graphics that you can share during the Action Week. 

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Why do we need a #FeministBailout?

A moment of crisis is an opportunity for change, either in the direction of worsening authoritarianism and re-energized capitalism, or in public appropriation of public resources and policies to shape our life and our future. In which direction will this go? This requires an immediate, strategic and collective action that is broad-based and feminist-led.

Covid-19 is creating a financial crisis for capitalism to renew itself.

Big businesses and corporations are already lobbying for bailouts and recovery plans from governments, just like they did in 2008. Meanwhile people - and especially working class and impoverished women, trans and gender non-conforming folks - bare the brunt of the crisis, from job loss without social security, to the rising rates of domestic violence under lockdown, to increases in the burden of domestic and care work. Women make up most of the essential workers, 1 in 3 jobs that have been designated essential are held by women and 78% of health workers are women. Layers of inequality along the lines of race and ethnicity, class or ability increase this impact.

Millions of people are realizing what feminist and social movements have called for for decades: that public services and a just distribution of resources are critical to our survival. The Covid-19 crisis has exposed how health and essential services globally have been eroded and aggressively privatized through austerity and neo-colonial structural adjustment policies.

We need a change of global policy now and for the long term that moves away from privatization at all cost and moves to ensuring that fair global tax, trade and bailout systems enable all countries and regions to fulfill their fundamental responsibilities to the people including essential services. And we need it to be FEMINIST-LED.

Governments are supposed to be representatives of the people, not guardians of corporations.

We envision a campaign that places direct demands on the state but ultimately our target is not just the state: it is the mobilization of the public to assert what it is that we need, deserve, and will struggle together to achieve, while ensuring that our collective priorities are feminist and intersectional.

What are the key demands?

When we say “bail out the people - not the corporations”, we mean women, trans and gender-diverse people holding this economy. No more business as usual.

It's time to center the health and wellbeing of our communities. Time to bail out domestic workers, sex workers, undocumented workers, underpaid and unpaid care workers, the migrant workers, the seasonal agricultural workers - all the people holding our societies together.

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