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External Evaluation of Womankind’s Strategy Building Women’s Movements for Transformational Change, 2016-2021


Location: London, UK

Organization: Womankind Worldwide


Womankind Worldwide (Womankind) is a UK-based international women’s human rights and development organisation that works in partnership with women’s organisations around the world, including five focus countries in East and Southern Africa and South Asia at the current time. Womankind has been implementing our strategy, Building Women’s Movements for Transformational Change, since 2016 and the team has reviewed progress internally on an annual basis.

Purpose of the Evaluation:

The purpose of the Evaluation is to provide a well-informed understanding of how we did, what we learnt and the key implications for our future strategy and practice. The evaluation should provide a robust appraisal of Womankind’s role, strategic framework, theory of change, principles of partnership, approach to M&E, and business model over the strategic period of 2016-21. The analysis should include:

  • To understand the perspectives of our partners and key stakeholders
  • To note progress, identify key achievements, and assess likely outcomes and impact
  • To identify where we have fallen short
  • To identify key challenges and how they have been / might be mitigated
  • To discuss key risks in an open and sensible way
  • To provide an analysis of implications and recommendations for Womankind’s future strategic direction

Overall Evaluation Questions:

The evaluation will gather, analyse and discuss implementation of each of Womankind’s 5 Strategic Objectives, followed by further reflection on what was learnt, any adaptations indicated as a result and recommendations for future operational practice and strategic direction.

This reflection will seek to comment on the following overall questions:

  1. Relevance. Has implementation proved relevant to our Vision and Aims?
  2. Effectiveness. Has implementation proved effective?
  3. Efficiency. Have we pursued our objectives in the most efficient way? Were there alternative routes or measures we could have taken to get there quicker / more efficiently?
  4. Impact. What do we think the likely outcomes and impact of implementing our strategy will be? What measures can we take to ensure we maximise our impact?
  5. Sustainability. What are the key sustainability features of our strategy in terms of benefits and change, our partners’ future and Womankind’s role in the long term? What would ‘optimal sustainability’ look like and how can we get there in the longer term?
  6. Risk. What are the key risks we face? What are the implications and what mitigating measures should we consider?

Requirements of your Proposal

Interested consultants should submit a proposal to Womankind that covers the following aspects.

These aspects will comprise the criteria against which proposals will be assessed:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the terms of reference and any amendments, if any, you would propose.
  2. A concise draft methodology demonstrating your overall approach, the feminist analysis and methods you propose, consideration of and any amendments you suggest to the key questions suggested for each strategic objective in D. above, and the methods you would propose for each strategic objective.
  3. Demonstrate your ability to undertake field work (i.e. participatory consultations with Womankind partners and movement actors) in two of our focus countries (Uganda and Zimbabwe), preferably in parallel and / or with national consultants familiar with the context.
  4. Description of the team you will provide, including a detailed CV for each individual who will participate accompanied by a statement indicating how they meet the requirements of the ToR and contactable, relevant references. Person/s Specification: We are seeking an individual or group of consultants who can provide evidence of the following skills and expertise:
    • Demonstrable experience and skills with regard to working within a feminist analysis, and using feminist research methods, in international contexts, including Uganda and Zimbabwe;
    • Specific knowledge and experience of women’s movements, women’s rights organisations, women’s human rights and gender equality issues, including in relation to violence against women and girls, women’s economic rights and women’s leadership;
    • Strong contextual knowledge of the UK INGO / civil society / women’s rights sectors, including issues around strategy, organisation and financing;
    • Experience of evaluating an organisation’s multi-year strategy and providing recommendations to inform future strategic direction at the organisational level; • Excellent written and inter-personal and communication skills.
  5. A draft work plan including an indicative timetable detailing key tasks.
  6. A draft budget. It is anticipated that the budget will not exceed £30,000, including VAT.
  7. An example of similar work demonstrating capability with respect to this terms of reference. (To be reviewed in confidence). 

See the full job description

How to apply:

Please direct any questions to Caroline Haworth (, Chief Executive Officer of Womankind by Monday 10 February 2020.

Proposals should be submitted to Caroline Haworth ( by Monday 17 February 2020.

Notification of evaluation of proposals: Wednesday 19 February 2020.

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