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Curated conversations: The Feminist Realities journey continues

It’s time to inspire each other through stories of resistance, creation, and victory, we must share the knowledge that we have built through our experiences and bring our minds to strategize together. 

In this phase of the Feminist Realities Journey, we are inviting you to take part in a series of curated conversations, designed to spark meaningful dialogue and co-creation, among feminist activists and organizations from all over the world. 

It's vital we don’t allow physical distancing to become social distancing. Crisis is not new to feminist and social movements, we have a long history of surviving in the face of oppression and building our communities and our own realities. We have continued to thrive, finding strategies that enable us to break away from the logics of racism, patriarchy, and colonialism, replacing them with logics of liberation, solidarity and care. We have done this in collaboration, our networks have been our strength. 

Skill shares, fireside chats, and exchanges

On the road to the AWID Forum, the movements put forward hundreds of proposals of creative and engaging activities that speak about the way different collectives are making feminism a reality. We want to start sparking dialogues now about the many ways of bringing feminism to practice, and continue them at the Forum and afterward. These conversations are crafted to expand the online boundaries with skill shares and small group fireside chats; they will include interpretation for a diversity of languages.

Feminist movements are a powerful force, building the path towards the world we want to live in, here are some avenues where we can start:


17 September 2020: How to Mobilize Resources Autonomously

  • A conversation on how to mobilize resources that are truly autonomous, and self-generated by and for feminist movements. 
    More info and registration

November 2020:

No Borders, No Walls: Feminists for Abolition

  • We will collectively imagine what a borderless and prison-less world looks like and new models that reject punishment and control. 

Non-hierarchical organising

  • A space to reflect on power, hierarchies, feminist organising, and alternative leadership and its challenges. 

The Journey also includes a series of conversations between social movements, activists and AWID members, about indigenous feminist justice, sex workers and digital spaces,  ecofeminism and anti-specism, organizing in an economic crisis and much more.

There will also be a series of activities for AWID members only. Want to join?

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The Journey Continues

In 2021 we will continue these curated conversations, some of the upcoming topics are:

  • disability justice, reproductive justice & sexual freedoms;
  • feminists transforming democracy in times of crisis;
  • movement, healing, and addressing trauma as sustenance for movement building and how we win (our victories as movements). 

Welcome back on the journey towards Feminist Realities!

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