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CSW61 CoAction: Women Determined to Win Equality!

The International Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation proposes to organize this action, in coordination with all of you:

Tell us about your ideas to coordinate our worldwide action in solidarity, and please send your contribution.

Millennia2025 proposes 3 immediate concrete actions for CSW61:

  1. Twitter is the best reading of some so-called leaders, let's tweet for the CSW61: we propose to all use the same hashtag #CSW61CoAction
    (see motivation online);

  2. We propose to use and promote a common slogan: "Women determined to win equality!";
    We will include it in a tweet common to us all. The idea is to tweet it from all over the world during the CSW61, with at least one chosen momentum when all the tweets would be promoted by those of us present at the United Nations in New York; the huge number of our tweets would be impressive for tweet's listeners in order to promote our action.

  3. Our tweets will link to a webpage where we will all present our opinions, decisions and statements, related to women's rights situations in our own countries.

Send your contribution

See orginial call for participation from Millenia 2025

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