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COVID-19 Social Media Response Consultant


Location: Silver Spring

Organization: HIAS

HIAS is seeking a consultant to work with HIAS country programs in Latin America, the Caribbean and Eurasia using social media and messaging apps to disseminate critical information and continue to provide remote services to displaced populations.

Expected Duration: 4 months beginning from date of signed agreement, with option for extension based upon the potential and unknown continuation of COVID-19.

Background: Online communication platforms have become a lifeline for thousands of displaced people as COVID-19 continues to restrict movement and impact how HIAS delivers programs. For example, HIAS Ecuador is using social media to inform clients that the registration process for Venezuelans is extended until May 30 HIAS Greece is using social media to let asylum seekers know HIAS is available for support and gives information about how to contact HIAS Greece

However, several of HIAS’ newer programs in Latin America and some existing offices in Africa do not yet have social media platforms set up. In addition, the existing platforms will need to become more robust as protection issues related to the pandemic increase. HIAS programs in Latin America, the Caribbean and Eurasia have identified the need for support to scale up of social media and ensure good practice as it relates to using these platforms for programming purposes.

Purpose: HIAS is seeking a consultant to support HIAS’ International Programs to scale up program related social media, ensure use of messaging apps and online platforms, follow best practice as it relates to service delivery and information flow, and ensure HIAS’ external facing platforms remain on brand across context and coordinate effectively between HIAS Country Offices, Technical Directors, Regional Directors and the HIAS Communications team.

Area of Work and Deliverables:

  1. Support a programmatic social media strategy for COVID-19 response in line with HIAS commitment to providing accessible, clear and accurate information in rapidly changing environments to help displaced communities stay safe, access services and receive essential information in real time.
  2. Expected to work remotely and coordinate with multiple focal points across HIAS departments International Programs, Country Programs, and communications.
  3. Rapid review of current best practices and creative ways to use social medias to deliver programing and ensure dissemination among country offices.
  4. Inform an organizational strategy to use social media as part of a programmatic response to COVID-19. This includes taking stocks of platforms and apps currently being used by country programs.
  5. Support country level social media strategies in response to COVID-19 that allows for large scale dissemination of accurate information to clients and displaced populations in real time.
  6. Work with Technical Directors and Country Offices to ensure use of messaging apps and online platforms follow best practice as it relates to service delivery and information flow.
  7. Coordinate with Country Programs and Technical Directors to develop HIAS guidelines on using social media for program delivery.
  8. Coordinate with HIAS Communications to ensure social media platforms are on brand and following HIAS communication protocols.

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