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In-Country Research Consultant (Kenya, Nepal, Guatemala)


Location: Kenya, Nepal or Guatemala

Organization: Publish What You Fund- Gender Data Project

This project seeks to improve the publication of gender-related financial and programmatic data to achieve better development outcomes and ultimately to contribute to addressing gender inequality at the global level. While the focus will be on aid data, we will also look at the availability of other streams of gender-related resources, such as development finance, private finance and a country’s own allocations.

Using a country-based approach, we will track the gender-related aid in three countries by the top 3-5 donors to determine what information is available and what is missing. Based on this user experience, we will ultimately provide targeted recommendations and advocate more widely for changes to the publication of gender data.

We are looking for an in- country research consult for Kenya, Nepal and Guatemala, respectively, which have been selected as our case study countries.

The In-Country Research Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Conducting independent desk-based research
  • Playing a leading role in identifying relevant individuals for key informant interviews (KIIs) and possibly focus group discussions (FGDs) as relevant, and arranging those interviews.
  • Conducting interviews, in and outside of the capital city, as well as other relevant research
  • Writing up, and translating, KII and FGD notes according to guidelines provided by the Project Manager.
  • Working under the supervision of the Gender Project Manager to ensure a smooth research process in-country.
  • If requested, be available to feed in available findings into briefing material.
  • Support in-country advocacy efforts to encourage uptake of policy recommendations.

Activities and Deliverables

Desk review:

  • Consideration of previous desk-based research, interviews and other assembled papers relevant to the project.
  • Independent desk-based research into the gender context and gender policy commitments in country and stakeholder mapping.
  • Work with the Project Manager and Project Assistant to finalise a methodology which includes key informant interviews and focus group discussion research questions and key concepts, to assess the effectiveness of gender aid funding which can be coherently applied to all focus countries.


  • Assist in preparations to ensure a smooth launch of the programme of in-country research; planned to begin in September 2020.
  • Implement the agreed methodology, remain on course to hit targets and deadlines and produce satisfactory outcomes.
  • Identify interview targets, arrange the interviews and – if necessary – conduct follow up interviews. Interviews should include a range of actors, including representatives from: government, civil society, donors, aid implementing organisations and CSO’s. Interviews should be conducted inside and outside of the capital.
  • If considered necessary, conduct and hold FGDs.
  • Work with the Project Manager to remedy any issues that arise during the duration of the programme of in-country research.
  • In conjunction with the project team, to help prepare research validation interviews with in-country research participants.

Production of materials:

  • To produce English, usable write-ups of every interview – these may take the form of transcripts or notes, with recordings, as agreed with the Project Manager beforehand, in accordance with the guidance provided.
  • To input into the production of briefing and communications material, potentially before the deadline for final reports. The final report will be targeted at the following audiences:
    - Key donors for each case study country
    - Members of government and civil society within the case study country
  • To review and comment on any subsequent revisions by the project team of the final draft report.


  • To support follow up advocacy efforts in country with stakeholders, by arranging engagement sessions such as roundtable discussions as agreed with the Project Manager.
  • Support in arranging follow up validation interviews with in-country stakeholders.
  • To support communications outputs such as blog posts


The role will require roughly 30 days spread over 7-8 months, with the highest demand for time likely being in September, October 2020. The specifics of time allocation can be discussed prior to the commencement of the assignment.

Any changes to the timeline must be agreed to by the Project Manager.


Payment will include a payment upon reaching an agreed milestone and final payment on satisfactory and timely delivery of all services. The specifics of payments can be negotiated.

Required Skills and Competencies

  • Research experience in international development.
  • A strong understanding of gender in international development and gender related programmes (preferable).
  • Demonstrable experience of producing high-quality, well-written, materials to a tight deadline.
  • Track record and familiarity with conducting interviews with a range of stakeholders.
  • Ability to identify trends and key messages.
  • A strong personal network within the development sector.
  • Both English and native language skills (preferable).
  • The successful candidate would ideally be based in the country they are applying to work in.

See the full job description

How to apply:

To apply for this position please email your CV in English and a one-page writing sample in English to Alex at

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