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Consultancy: UHAI EASHRI HR Audit


Location: Flexible

Organization: UHAI EASHRI

The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative (UHAI EASHRI) is Africa’s first indigenous activist-led and managed fund supporting sex workers’ and sexual and gender minorities’ civil society organising with flexible and accessible grants, capacity support, knowledge building and documentation as well as support to strengthen our movements in Pan-African and global spaces, including support for activist-determined convening. We identify as a feminist human rights organisation on a quest for social justice.

UHAI EASHRI is looking for a firm to conduct our human resources audit. The audit will be a comprehensive method with outlined objectives and systematic verification of current practices and culture, documentation, policies and procedures prevalent in our HR system. The audit will take into consideration our identity as a regional fund and will use a social justice and feminist lens that speaks to our broader values.

With a staff of 16 people, the desired result is an HR audit which helps in identifying the need for improvement and enhancement of the HR functions at UHAI and to enable us to deliver on our 5 - year strategic plan. It will also guide UHAI in maintaining compliance and adjust to an ever-changing environment and achieve a satisfied workforce by staying true to feminist practices.

The audit objectives shall include and not limited to;

  • To examine UHAI’s human resource capacity to achieve its five year strategic plan and issue recommendations on UHAI’s human resource growth at institutional, team and individual level.
  • To assess whether UHAI's HR processes and procedures are in compliance with UHAI’s policy and the Kenya Employment Act (2007/2012) and bring to our attention any potential violations while offering solutions; and assess the accuracy and completeness of the existing personnel records.
  • To assess UHAI’s staff retention capacity and effectiveness of our staff wellness programme, highlighting the causes of staff turnover while giving solutions as they relate to our values and organisational culture.
  • To assess the various functions of all the roles at UHAI EASHRI, their categorisations by department, their relatability and how those functions are being conducted, and whether they are effective and efficient.
  • To review UHAI’s remuneration structure and scales as a regional fund in comparison to other regional funders.
  • To assess the effectiveness of UHAI’s work systems in comparison to the level of efficiency, productivity, staff wellness and cohesion, taking into consideration our organisational culture and virtual working modalities.
  • To indicate any further interventions required to achieve a comprehensive HR systems audit.

Profile of the consultant:

  • Demonstrable extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Human Resource Management and specifically human resource audit for social justice and feminist organisations.
  • Portfolios of key staff members who will be directly involved in the consultancy.
  • At least 5 references for similar work done.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to human rights and social justice, particularly knowledge and experience of sex worker and LGBTIQ rights.
  • Familiarity with grants management and administration would be desirable.
  • Demonstrable analytical, critical and strategic thinking skills.
  • Sensitivity, flexibility, and ability to listen and communicate clearly and effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Discretion and ability to handle confidential issues.
  • Ability to question and challenge existing norms in a bid to create new avenues of thought and practice.

How to apply:

The applications should include the following :

  • A cover letter describing why your firm is interested in the consultancy
  • Company profile
  • A comprehensive action plan and proposal
  • All items listed under requirements above
  • Estimated fees

Send your application via email to with HR Systems’ Audit as the subject line.

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